Meet our team of wonderful writers who share all the content on Once Upon A Maritime for you to enjoy!

Welcome, I’m Annemarie! A blogger, a Grandmother, and a Maritime girl originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and now living in Montreal.  The rest of our team is located in the United States & the UK.

Our readers are a mix of Canadians & Americans.

A Bit About Me: I’m Mom to Robyn and have 3 adorable granddaughters five-year-old Ava and 1-year-old twin girls Rose & Ella.  I was a Computer Science Professor for 25-years before I decided to retire from University Life and take up blogging.  In 2010 I started to explore the world of  blogging as “My Little Retirement Project (MLRP).”  Today MLRP is a family business with seven blogs that boast over 7 million unique views a month and 15 million + page views.  The business is 100% owned and operated by myself, my daughter and my husband.

Jessica Smiths is our fashion expert and she hails from the sunshine state Florida.  She is a huge Sex and The City Fan and has watched the show and the movies so many times she knows them by memory.  She loves fashion and agrees with Carrie ‘The only thing I’ve ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess. And several small fires.’ 

Sissy Anderson is our wedding expert has been writing for years. She has two published children’s books and has authored everything from poetry to personnel manuals. She can usually be found at home with her family (her husband, daughter, four chihuahuas, a cat, and two hamsters!) or at a Barnes and Noble. A true night owl…she lives on strong coffee!

Deana Clark – Deana is the jack of all trades. She started in fashion but found her true passion in writing. After mixing the two into a fabulous cocktail of freelance writing about all things style, she started a family. Her 3 kids keep her Prada pumps moving as they explore the world one adventure at a time.

Rebekah Beasly hails from London, England and she is our parenting expert.  Rebekah is Mom to twin girls and a fifteen-year-old daughter so life is always interesting.  When she is not writing for OUAM she is trying to organize her crazy life.

Chris Giroux hails from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and he often says he is an expert at most things. Chris is comfortable writing about parenting, family, gaming and movies.  When he is not writing for OUAM he is busy taking care of the new addition to his family, a pug puppy Mogwai.

Once Upon A Maritime (OUAM) is an on-line magazine that covers everything that Moms & families need.  From recipes, travel, parenting advice, weddings, and so much more.  If you are looking for it, we have it!

If you want to work with us, have products you would like reviewed or giveaways feel free to drop me a line.  If you just want to talk send me an e-mail.  I can be reached at Once Upon A Maritime

xo Annemarie

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