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Yellowstone Prequel 1923: Harrison Ford Talks His New Unique Role

Harrison Ford spoke of his role in Yellowstone prequel 1923
Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton in 1923 [Image ONE Media/YouTube]

Yellowstone prequel 1923 male lead, Harrison Ford, has had many roles during his acting career. However, his latest in Taylor’s Sheridan’s Dutton origin story is something different for the Indiana Jones actor. While Ford hasn’t been a rancher in real life, he and his wife, Calista Flockhart, do have a home on the range. He recently spoke about his new role in the Western prequel series.

Harrison Ford in Yellowstone origin story 1923

Harrison Ford to star in Yellowstone prequel 1923
Harrison Ford [Image Conan Classic/YouTube]

Iconic actor Harrison Ford recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about his new role in the Taylor Sheridan series 1923. While he has starred in many movies, it turns out he has never in his life played a role like this before. Meanwhile, despite the fact that he isn’t a real rancher, he and his wife Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) own an 800-acre property outside of Jackson, Wyoming. Speaking of the property, where they spent much of their time, Ford said:

It’s a former ranch. I don’t raise cattle on it, but I am the steward of that little chunk of nature and it’s full of wildlife, streams and woods. I enjoy being there.

This could explain why the Star Wars actor looks so at home in the trailer for 1923. Ford plays Jacob Dutton alongside Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton, ancestors of Yellowstone’s John Dutton III. In the prequel series, he plays a 1920s-style Dutton rancher, challenged by the Great Depression and Prohibition. Speaking of his role, Harrison explained:

I haven’t played a character like this ever. The complexity and his moral journey in terms of the decisions he has to make are complicated and interesting. I want audiences to see the struggle of a determined man in specific circumstances.

Ford gives ‘life advice’ to costars

Darren Mann in 1923
Darren Mann in 1923 [Image @realdarrenmann/Instagram]

When Ford was asked if he provided any of the cast with lessons learned from his property in Wyoming, he suggested that they didn’t need any pointers from him. However, some of his costars disagreed. James Badge Dale, who plays Jacob’s nephew and John’s grandfather, John Dutton Sr. spoke up, saying: “He gave me a lot of life advice,” adding:

I’m going keep some of those things to myself, but when Harrison Ford turns to you and says: ‘I’m the luckiest person on Earth to still be doing this job for a living,’ you better listen to that.

Moreover, Darren Mann, who plays Jack, spoke up about working with Harrison Ford:

What he brought to set every day was awesome. He’s such a wicked guy: I loved hanging out with him. He was a childhood idol of mine, and it was a dream come true getting to work with him.

Working with Helen Mirren on 1923

Helen Mirren in 1923
Helen Mirren [Image JoBlo Streaming & TV Trailers/YouTube]

Besides being “the luckiest person on Earth” to do the job for a living, Ford also got to work opposite one of his own idols, Helen Mirren who plays Jacob’s wife, Cara. It turns out that some 36 years ago, he and Mirren played husband and wife in the drama, The Mosquito Coast. It seems he has been hoping to costar with her again, and finally gets the chance to do so. Ford said:

The relationship between Jacob and Cara is a really strong element of the show. I was anxious to work in that area with her.

Read more about the interview with other 1923 cast members on Yahoo Entertainment here.

The Taylor Sheridan Yellowstone prequel 1923 premieres on Sunday, December 18 on Paramount+

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