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The Walking Dead: Dead City Sees 2023 Maggie & Negan Spinoff

Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead: Dead City
Maggie and Negan {Image @amcthewalkingdeadcity/Instagram]


The Walking Dead fans know Maggie and Negan’s storyline, where she still blames him for killing her husband, Glenn. However, despite this, Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan return in a spinoff all their own. Moreover, their spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City, is set in the dangers of post-apocalyptic New York City.

The Walking Dead: Dead City

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead: Dead City
Negan {Image @amcthewalkingdeadcity/Instagram]

According to the official synopsis, the TWD spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City reveals the dangers Maggie and Negan will face in Manhattan. The storyline of the former mortal enemies comes after they made peace in the TWD series finale. Moreover, fans don’t have too long to wait as the spinoff is set to premiere in April 2023.

Meanwhile, AMC has now revealed the official synopsis for Maggie and Negan’s spinoff, both characters look older. This is due to the fact that the action in Dead City comes years after the TWD finale.

The two characters will be on a dangerous journey through devastated Manhattan, which has been isolated since the start of the zombie apocalypse. While still coming to terms with each other, they face an encounter with a notorious killer.

AMC’s  official synopsis

Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead: Dead City
Maggie {Image @amcthewalkingdeadcity/Instagram]

Years have passed since we last saw Maggie and Negan and they must now form a tenuous alliance in order to accomplish a dangerous mission. Maggie and Negan journey to the island of Manhattan, which, having been isolated since the beginning of the walker apocalypse, has developed its own unique threats.

While in the city, Maggie and Negan encounter native New Yorkers, evade a marshal with a troubled past, and hunt down a notorious killer. But as the pair moves deeper into the gritty depths of the walker-infested city, it becomes apparent that the traumas of their tumultuous past may prove just as great a threat as the dangers of the present.

What can fans expect from The Walking Dead: Dead City?

Lauren Cohan plays Maggie on The Walking Dead: Dead City
Lauren Cohan [Image @laurencohan/Instagram]

Fans will recall that Maggie has spent most of her time since season 7 trying to kill Negan for murdering her husband, Glenn. However, in the series finale of The Walking Dead, the pair found an opportunity to bury that hatchet. This comes after Maggie finally forgave Negan, by showing him she now trusts him. In fact, in the series finale, Maggie and Negan had a true heart-to-heart, putting in motion their new joint spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City.

In fact, the storyline of the new spinoff is set years after the two resolved their issues. Moreover, it sets them on the road to a still-to-be-revealed mission on the island of Manhattan. In fact, the spinoff gives long-time viewers a chance to see what New York would be like in a zombie apocalypse. The synopsis reveals survivors leaving the dangerous streets and making their way through the city with a series of zip lines on the top of buildings.

New characters in The Walking Dead: Dead City

Gaius Charles in The Walking Dead: Dead City
Gaius Charles [Image @gaiuscharles/Instagram]

While Maggie and Negan are known well, a number of new characters are set to appear in Dead City. One is Perlie Armstrong (Gaius Charles, Grey’s Anatomy), a devoted family man who is ruthless in building a safe world for his family.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that Maggie and Negan have reconciled their differences, there are hints of violence.  This comes with a promotional image from AMC showing Maggie threatening Negan with a knife (see top picture).

Premiere date on AMC

Bloody Disgusting reports that while the exact date is yet to be released, The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres in April 2023 with a total of seven episodes. In the meantime, readers can watch a teaser for the spinoff here:


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