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Idris Elba Teases Image From Luther: The Fallen Sun On Netflix

Idris Elba returns as Luther in a Netflix movie
Idris Elba stars in Luther: The Fallen Sun [Image @idriselba/Instagram]

Idris Elba has shared an image from the upcoming Netflix movie, Luther: The Fallen Sun, a sequel to the British psychological thriller series, Luther. In the movie, fans will get to see Elba return to his role as DC John Luther. Read on to find out what we know so far about the exciting new movie, coming in 2023.

Idris Elba returns in the Netflix movie Luther: The Fallen Sun

The series Luther wrapped its fifth season in 2019 and since then, fans have been clamoring for more. Finally, Idris Elba, who plays the titular role of Luther, is coming back in movie form in 2023. Meanwhile, Elba has teased an image from the movie, titled Luther: The Fallen Sun.

While the image doesn’t give any context about the plot of the Netflix movie, it is certainly striking. In the image, Luther is in an alleyway, surrounded by red lighting, apparently walking toward danger.

Idris Elba in Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix
Idris Elba in Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix [Image @idriselba/Instagram]

When last fans saw Luther, he was being put in handcuffs by Schenk (Dermot Crowley) after skirting the legal system to solve crimes. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Elba says this is where the movie will pick up from where it left off in season 5. He said:

So that’s where we start the story. He’s contemplating what he’s going to do with his life.

Idris continued, saying that Luther has done so much to bend the law in order to catch the bad guys that he has ended up in jail.

Meanwhile, director Jamie Payne revealed, “It was important to all of us that the audience could find a way into the series and to the lore.” He added that if people had watched the series from season 1, going into the movie, the story is continuous.

However, as the movie has a larger platform on the streamer, they ensured that someone watching the film for the first time will have no problem. In fact, they could watch the movie and then go back to binge the entire series.

About the gritty series

Idris Elba as Luther
Idris Elba [Image BBC/YouTube]

The hit series revealed Luther as a troubled and broken protagonist and a true fan favorite. In fact, when season 5 wrapped, fans just couldn’t let Elba’s character go. Moreover, it turns out the star who played the role couldn’t let the gritty, dark series go either.

In the interview, Elba describes his character as “haunted.” He added that even as a free man, he can’t help “chasing the ghosts that get into his head.” Moreover, he said this is what drives him in the upcoming Netflix movie.

The actor went on to explain that Luther is unearthing an old case in the movie. In fact, it was an old case that he did work on in the past, but never really solved. Elba said, “John just can’t help but find a way to get involved and get him – he just can’t help it.”

Other stars in the movie include Cynthia Erivo, Dermot Crowley and Andy Serkis. The movie is directed by Payne from a script penned by Neil Cross. Fans can expect the movie to drop on Netflix in March 2023.

Meanwhile, for those who haven’t watched the series, it is available on Hulu Plus and Pluto.

Readers, have you watched all five seasons of Luther? Are you excited to see more of the troubled cop in the new movie? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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