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AMC Confirms Seven-Year Time Jump In Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark [Image @feartwd/Instagram]

AMC has confirmed a huge, seven-year time jump for season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead. Reportedly, this is to align the spinoff with other TWD series. While the original series has now ended, this gives fans something to look forward to, besides the other spinoffs like The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and more.

Time jump in Fear the Walking Dead season 8

Lennie James as Morgan Jones in Fear the Walking Dead
Lennie James as Morgan Jones [Image @thereallenniejames/Instagram]

AMC has confirmed there will be a huge time jump when season 8 finally debuts. For those who haven’t watched it, Fear the Walking Dead was the first spinoff of the hit zombie horror series The Walking Dead. It first premiered in 2015 to critical acclaim. However, the show did go through major changes after season 3, when Kim Dickens (Madison Clark) left the series.

Following her exit, the season developed a completely new plotline, with the original TWD star Lennie James (Morgan Jones) becoming the main focus. After this change, the series lost many fans and more recently, AMC has announced that season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead will be the last. AMC has released a synopsis for season 8 that reveals that the eighth season will be split into two parts, with the latter seeing a huge seven-year time jump.

Reportedly, the first six episodes of season 8 will follow Morgan and Madison as they try to rescue Mo (Zoey Merchant) from PADRE.  Meanwhile, seven years later, Morgan, Madison and the rest of the people they brought to the island are living under PADRE’s cynical rule.

With our characters demoralized and dejected, the task of reigniting everyone’s belief in a better world is the person Morgan and Madison set out to rescue in the first place — a now eight-year-old Mo.

Does season 8’s time jump line up with TWD’s timeline?

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark
Alycia Debnam-Carey [Image @feartwd/Instagram]

While the massive time jump is the first for Fear the Walking Dead, it does echo the six-year time jump in season 9 of The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, part 2 of season 8 matches up to TWD’s season 11, where our favorite characters were fighting the Commonwealth’s oppressive rule.

So far, PADRE is a mysterious entity in the season 7 finale of Fear the Walking Dead. However, the synopsis for season 8 teases what role the community will play in the final episodes of the season.

Will we see Fear the Walking Dead characters again?

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand in Fear the Walking Dead
Colman Domingo [Image @feartwd/Instagram]

Currently, AMC is working on multiple spinoff series from The Walking Dead universe. These include The Walking Dead: Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and Rick & Michonne. Fans now wonder if their favorite characters from FTWD will come back in spinoffs.

Whatever happens, it sounds like fans can look forward to a thrilling final season of the zombie horror spinoff.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8 premieres on AMC and AMC+ on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

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