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1883 Star Sam Elliott Shot Down A Role In Yellowstone

Sam Elliott in Yellowstone prequel 1883
Sam Elliott [Image Rotten Tomatoes/YouTube]

Taylor Sheridan’s modern Western hit Yellowstone continues to draw fans from around the world. In fact, the cowboy drama was said to be the most-watched show on TV in 2021. Meanwhile, the show’s prequels, including 1883 and 1923, are also continuing the popularity trend. 1883 featured country stars, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, while 1923 famously stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. Of course, Hollywood actor, Kevin Costner leads Yellowstone. You would think any actor would feel privileged to star in the show with so many doting fans. You would be wrong. It turns out one actor, who many would consider the consummate cowboy, actually turned down a role in Yellowstone.

1883 star Sam Elliott turned down a role in Yellowstone

Sam Elliott turned down a role in Yellowstone
Sam Elliott [Image The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube]

Sam Elliott starred as Shea Brennan in the prequel series 1883. Earlier this year, the veteran actor was interviewed by Marc Maron on the WTF podcast relating to his feelings about Yellowstone. Elliott flat-out said, “I’m not a Yellowstone fan,” describing the show as “too much like f***ing Dallas or something for me.”

Meanwhile, when Sam was interviewed on the official Yellowstone podcast, he admitted that he had been offered a role in the hit series and had turned it down. While he admitted he had never met Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, he is familiar with his work. He said, “I thought, ‘Wow, how can one guy have so many different talents going for him?” When Elliott and Sheridan finally did meet, Sam was offered a role in Yellowstone, saying:

I passed on it, but [it was] during that time that he made that offer to me, we started talking.

Those talks led to Elliott joining the cast of Yellowstone prequel 1883. However, he is still not that thrilled about the show’s connection to Yellowstone. In fact, he told Taste of Country, “Yellowstone is all over 1883, we’re tainted by Yellowstone, which on some level I can’t stand.”

However, he didn’t hold back on his praise for Sheridan, who he dubbed “a brilliant writer, he’s a genius of some sorts.”

Sam Elliott’s many roles

While he will never star in Yellowstone, Elliott has an impressive history in film and TV, including ranch-related roles. In fact, he starred in Road House (1989) and The Ranch (2016 to 2020), Tombstone (1993). He also starred in Ghost Rider (2007), The Hero (2017), A Star is Born (2018), and many more.

It is likely that many Yellowstone fans would disagree with Sam but everyone has the right to their own opinion, even on TV.

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