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Yellowstone Star Luke Grimes Opens Up On Working With Kevin Costner

Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) opens up about working with Kevin Costner (John Dutton) on Yellowstone
Yellowstone star Luke Grimes [Image @yellowstone/Instagram]

Yellowstone stars Luke Grimes and Kevin Costner have been working together for five seasons of the hit modern Western drama. Luke plays Kayce Dutton to Costner’s John Dutton in the Paramount series. Meanwhile, the actor recently spoke to The New York Post about his experience with the Dances With Wolves star. Read on to find out more about Costner, behind the scenes of Yellowstone.

Luke Grimes talks Kevin Costner behind the scenes of Yellowstone

Yellowstone star Luke Grimes made Instagram video for fans
Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton [Image Yellowstone/YouTube]

Yellowstone fans might think that Kevin Costner would be as tough as his character, John Dutton. However, it turns out the Hollywood actor, producer and film director is a lot of fun behind the scenes of the modern Western drama.

Luke Grimes, 38, who plays Kayce Dutton in the series has had plenty of on-screen time with Costner, 67, throughout the seasons. Meanwhile, it seems that a special bond connects the two actors, and not just that of John’s son, Kayce. Luke recently spoke to the New York Post about Costner before season 5 premiered on November 13. Grimes explained Costner’s in-person character, saying:

[Kevin] always wants you to come hang out at his trailer down by this creek. He’s got a fire pit, and he’s a musician, so he’s always got a guitar around and won’t hesitate to play you a song. He does a really good job of taking the pressure off what a huge icon he is.

Kevin Costner adds Yellowstone Alum to new Western movie Horizon
Yellowstone star Kevin Costner [Image @kevincostnermodernwest/’Instagram]

Moreover, Grimes revealed that he even introduced the Dances With Wolves star and creator, Taylor Sheridan to his own, real-life dad, Randy, and his mom, Angie on the set of Yellowstone. He explained that he took his parents to the set a couple of times where they met Kevin and Taylor, saying:

It was really special to do something he was so proud of. I’m so glad he got to see me realize a dream in that way.

Luke on Kevin Costner in 2020

Paramount Network drops a video relating to John Dutton and Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone
Kevin Costner as John Dutton [Image Yellowstone/YouTube]

This wasn’t the first time Luke has spoken positively of working with Costner. Back in 2020, he was interviewed by Monsters and Critics. In that interview, Luke spoke of the invaluable learning experience he has had from co-starring in Yellowstone with Costner. Moreover, he described Kevin as having “done everything you can do in a film career.” Meanwhile, he said:

Working with someone who is that iconic and whose career is that legendary is always sort of a pinch-me moment, like, ‘Is this real?’

It feels like a benchmark in your own career, and you try to soak in as much knowledge as you can.

Meanwhile, Grimes also praised Costner’s passion for the work, which he said was one thing he truly enjoyed seeing in the legendary actor. Moreover, he added that Kevin’s passion is still there, saying he still wants to work and is still very curious and wants to dissect the scenes and get everything from the scene he possibly can. “You never know if someone of that stature if they are still going to love the work the way that they did when they first started, and he really seems to,” he added.

Readers can watch some of the best of Kayce Dutton in the video included here:

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