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Tulsa King “Visitation Place” Recap Highlights

Tulsa King spoilers and updates tease that tonight Dwight gets right to business, has a gun to Armand’s head, and wants to know who sent him to kill him. Armand says he knows nothing, Chickie didn’t send him. He thought Dwight sent Chickie to kill him, he hasn’t seen Chickie in twenty years.

Armand tells Dwight that he was set up in prison, they were afraid he would flip, and nobody does 25 years without flipping. He tried to warn him, but afraid for his life, he fled to Tulsa and has been there for 19 years. Dwight tells him that he works for him now and he expects an envelope every week.

Tulsa King Spoilers – Business

Mitch shows Dwight that he was able to get the nitrous oxide that he wanted him to order through the bar. Bodhi and Tyson carry the canisters to the festival and start selling balloons when they are approached by two guys who say it is their territory and they have no business being there.

The next day, Tyson picks up Dwight and tells him that they went through all ten of the tanks and would have gone through more if they had them. Dwight tells him to swing by Mitch’s to get more of them tanks. Dwight hands Tyson some cash and tells him to buy himself something, Tyson says he wouldn’t mind buying a pinky ring like his. Dwight says his ring lost its luster, he gives it to Tyson.

Dwight calls his sister Joanne, she says she heard he called Tina. Then she tells him that his brother Joe has lymphoma. The conversation is kind of quiet since they haven’t spoken in 25 years.

At the festival, Bodhi, and Tyson are selling again when the other crew shows up, beats them, and takes their tanks and their cash, all of it. Mitch says they were a local biker gang. Dwight says they are going to go in and get their cash and their tanks.

Tulsa King Updates – Problems At Home

Tyson’s father doesn’t like the pinky ring, nor the fact that Tyson came home beat up. He is convinced that Tyson’s new boss is a gangster.

Dwight is with Mitch at the bar, he wants to go with them tonight and Dwight says no, he is on parole and he doesn’t want him to get arrested. Meanwhile, Stacy is trying to move on from Dwight, she is at a bar and a guy buys her a drink, and she ends up leaving with him.

Dwight is with his crew, they are ready to move out when Tyson’s dad shows up at the bar. After a brief chat with Dwight, Tyson’s dad, Mark, is heading out with them, he says, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” They arrive at the festival and Dwight has a plan, they all have baseball bats. Dwight’s crazy band of misfits wins the battle, despite it being 8-12.

Back at the bar, Tyson tries to bond with his dad, but it is not the time. Dwight offers Mark money for participating, but he refuses, then tells Tyson that he always has a home if he wants it.

Dwight gets a Facetime call from his sister, she says it is best he speaks to his brother now. Everyone is on their way over, he is dying, and he is shutting down. He can hear, he wanted to speak to Dwight. Dwight says is sorry he is not feeling good, and sorry about a lot of things. He reminisces about family moments past.

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