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Tulsa King “Go West, Old Man” Recap Highlights


Tulsa King spoilers and updates tease that the highly anticipated premiere of Taylor Sheridan’s Tulsa King is here. Dwight “The General” Manfredi gives us a birds-eye view into his cell where is spent 25 years. He now wonders if his chosen choice of being a gangster was worth 25 years and he says no but he is married to this life and survived these past 25 years by keeping his mouth shut, and now he is going to see if it married him back.

Tulsa King Spoilers – Released From Prison

The first stop is to a house in Long Island, he has no idea where is being taken. Inside the house, Dwight is taken to a room where there are several members of the old gang, Chickie, Vince, Nico, Mario, and Glenny. Dwight starts getting upset when some of the guys are standing behind his back. Things calm down, Dwight sits down and finds out that Chickie is the underboss now. Dwight tells Dwight that after spending 25 years saving his father’s butt and going down for his murdering someone, he expects something in return. Chickie says Oklahoma, there is nobody doing nothing, there is nothing here for him anymore. Dwight gets up, and walks around the room, he says his wife divorced him, and his daughter won’t talk to him, and after everything, he has lost and after he did so much for them, there is nothing left for him. Dwight knocks out the capo and says, Tulsa it is.

Tulsa King Updates – Tulsa

Dwight meets Tyson coming out of the airport and his first stop is a dispensary. Dwight goes inside and asks some questions, it doesn’t take long for him to get aggressive and the security guard threatens him with a taser. Dwight knocks the guy out with a metal cup. The whole scene in the dispensary is absolutely hilarious. He takes 20% of the profits moving forward to protect the owner from gangs that don’t exist and the cops, even though the dispensary is legal. Once outside and back in the cab, he gives Tyson a wad of cash to buy him a truck and tells him that he drives for him now, two grand a week.

The next day, Tyson tells Dwight he couldn’t buy the Navigator, the guy called him a crackhead and said he was calling the police. Dwight gets him to take him there and Dwight punches the owner right in the face. Dwight tells Donnie that he is going to sell the Navigator to Tyson, loaded.

Dwight returns to the dispensary, he reminds the owner that he is in the service business and has to be welcoming. He gives the owner, Bodhi, a security camera. The next stop is a cowboy bar where Dwight meets Mitch the owner/bartender and knows right away that he was in the joint. One guy is getting a little too friendly with a woman who is there to party with her friends and Dwight knocks him out. One of the women hit on Dwight and asks to see his mini bar at his hotel. After some messing with him in the sheets, she finds out that he is 75, she thought he was 55 and is completely shocked. She tells him she had a good time, dresses and leaves, and won’t even give him her name.

Eddie calls Adman, he saw Dwight in Tulsa and he is freaking out. Meanwhile, the local ATF is alerted by the FBI that they have a visitor, a high-ranking capo, a woman on the task force looks over, she is the one who slept with him the night before.

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  1. […] Dwight and Tyson are back in the car, little do they know, they are being followed by Truisi. They arrive at the DPS, and Dwight has the driving test. They stop at a stop sign and a guy comes alongside them and starts shooting. Dwight tells the instructor to hold on, but he doesn’t listen, he chases the guy and ends up hitting the guy’s car in one spin around, but they are still at it, racing through the streets. The instructor says he thinks he is dying, he has blood coming down from his head. Dwight gets jammed between some cars and is locked in, and the guy’s getaway. At the police station, the officers ask Dwight what happened, he says someone shot at him, plain and simple. Then, he says he thinks the shooter had it out for the driving instructor, he has probably ticked off a lot of people. Elsewhere Truisi sets the car on fire. […]

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