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Tulsa King “Center of the Universe” Recap Highlights


Tulsa King

Tulsa King spoilers and updates tease that Dwight is trying to send a box by courier and they don’t accept cash. Dwight asks the guy if he ever heard the phrase, “Cash Is King.” The next stop is coffee and finds out they don’t use glass anymore.

Tulsa King Spoilers – The Circle

Dwight tries to give money to a homeless person and she refuses it and says she doesn’t want his scuzzy money. She tells him to stand in the middle of the circle, he can say anything when he is in it and nobody will hear him.

Meanwhile, Stacy goes to see her therapist and says she slept with an old man, who is a criminal. Elsewhere, Vince goes to see Chickie and wants Dwight knocked off. Tyson picks up Dwight and asks him how he gets a credit card. Then, they head to the dispensary, he needs some money. After that stop, it is off to the bank, Tyson brings Dwight there to get a debit card, which he can use as a credit card. But Dwight can’t get one because he doesn’t have a valid current ID. Dwight goes to do his driver’s license and he steals the answers from the guy beside him. He ends up getting his learner’s permit, returns to the bank, and gets his debit card.

Manny finds out that Dwight is in town, and he thinks he is there to kill him. Later, Manny finds out which hotel Dwight is staying at.

Tulsa King Updates – Trouble

Chickie calls Dwight, he says the thing with Vince. Dwight says he deserved what he got. Chickie tells him that he has to make amends, make things right, and a hundred grand will do it. Dwight says he will send him something but if he hears it ticking, don’t open it.

Stacy returns to see Dwight and tells him that she is fed. She asks why he is there and he says none of her business.

Dwight gets his dispensary partner to take him to his supplier, Jimmy, a little influence, and Dwight gets what he wants. On the way back, Dwight is smoking a joint in the SUV and says it is good stuff.

Later, when he is alone, he calls his daughter who he hasn’t spoken to since she was a child, her husband picks up the phone, and she doesn’t want to speak to him. Dwight returns to the circle, believing that nobody can hear him, he says out loud that he is sorry for quitting on her, he loves her.

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