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Tulsa King “Caprice” Recap Highlights

Tulsa King

Tulsa King spoilers and updates tease that this episode begins with the ATF trying to get Mr. Dumont to turn himself in, but he won’t do it. Dumont says he is letting his dogs out and tells them not to hurt them, they are good boys. All of a sudden, the house blows up.

Dwight is sitting down outside a café enjoying a coffee, he turns around when he sees a white horse coming down the street on its own. A woman at the café tells him the horse’s name is Pilot, not all horses like the pasture. Later, Dwight is driving, Tyson is in the passenger seat and asks Dwight where he sees him in five years. Dwight asks him what he wants, Tyson says a position of power, he Googled Dwight. They show up at the dispensary and it is crowded. Dwight makes his way to the back and there is a party going on.

Tulsa King Spoilers – The Driving Test

Dwight and Tyson are back in the car, little do they know, they are being followed by Truisi. They arrive at the DPS, and Dwight has the driving test. They stop at a stop sign and a guy comes alongside them and starts shooting. Dwight tells the instructor to hold on, but he doesn’t listen, he chases the guy and ends up hitting the guy’s car in one spin around, but they are still at it, racing through the streets. The instructor says he thinks he is dying, he has blood coming down from his head. Dwight gets jammed between some cars and is locked in, and the guy’s getaway. At the police station, the officers ask Dwight what happened, he says someone shot at him, plain and simple. Then, he says he thinks the shooter had it out for the driving instructor, he has probably ticked off a lot of people. Elsewhere Truisi sets the car on fire.

Stacy goes in to see Dwight, she tells him that he is free to go.

Tulsa King Updates – Two Crazies

Dwight takes Stacy out for dinner, they talk, and she left NY as well to settle there. She says she left her husband and got relocated after 9/11, well actually later. She tells him about when she saw Sully land the plane, she thought it was another 9/11 and lost her shit. They end up sleeping together and she tells them that this cannot and will not happen again.

Dwight calls Chickie and tells him someone tried to kill him. Dwight wants to know if it is Vince’s hand, but he says no. Chickie tells him that he would have to be out of his mind to take him out, he is a great earner.

Dwight goes to see his driving instructor Paul and brings him flowers. Paul asks if the police know he did it, and Dwight says no. Dwight got him a get-well card, which has ten grand in it, and tells him it is the least he can do. Dwight has the first four numbers of the vehicle that shot at them, he tells Paul to call his buddies at the DMV and get more info, then he has earned the ten grand.

Dwight meets Tyson at a diner, he gives him an envelope and tells him it is his severance, he is not in the business of getting him shot in the head. Tyson says he is not a kid, he is willing to put the work in and take risks. Dwight tells him it is his choice. Tyson moves the envelope back over to Dwight. He tells Tyson to go back to the dealership and get him another vehicle, not the same kind and he wants it for free because this one is a lemon, it is filled with bullet holes.

Stacy returns to the explosion sight, she looks around and hears something, but it is one of the dogs. She leaves and takes the dog with her.

Dwight tracks down the vehicle that shot at him, the guy didn’t even burn it right. Inside, he finds a piece of material with the initials, FR on them, from a local ranch. Dwight heads over there. At the ranch, he meets Margaret and asks for riding lessons, she tells him to go look at the website.

Stacy calls Dwight, and tells him she got a dog, she is going to name him Chance.

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