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The Blacklist Season 10 Spoilers: Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington Meets With The Most Extreme Danger Yet!


The Blacklist

Blacklist season 10 spoilers and updates tease that this season Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington has a lot of trouble coming his way, and who is going to be there to help him.

The Blacklist Spoilers – Season 9 Finale

The saddest part and greatest loss in the season 9 finale was Marvin Gerard’s death. Blacklist fans came to love and hate Marvin Gerard. In his final scene against Red, he gave Wujing the blacklist that Red and the task force have tirelessly worked to put behind bars. The blacklist gives whoever has it an abundance of power, of the wrong sort. Wujing is hell-bent on taking down Raymond Reddington, we can only hope, like other foes looking for revenge, he makes more dumb mistakes like when he told the security guard who helped him to escape, that he wasn’t going to Beijing, he was staying in America to take down Red.

The Blacklist Updates – The Calm Before The Storm

Marvin’s deception was profound and really affected Reddington. But that will not compare to what is coming next. Wujing can now recruit all sorts of criminals from Reddington’s past and put together a mission like no other to take down Red.

The worry here is about who is going to protect Reddington. Dembe is still with the FBI and how far his allegiance will go to Red is unclear. Rumors are that Weecha will not be coming back in the early part of season 10, will she arrive just in time to save her boss? Fans know that Reddington can indeed protect himself, but this is not just one enemy, this is going to be an onslaught swarm of enemies all coming at him at once. Marvin did mention in the season 9 finale that we have only seen 1% of Red’s criminal empire, so maybe, we have nothing to worry about.

It will be interesting to see how Red moves forward himself. He has now been betrayed by Marvin and Kaplan before him, and Red loved both of them. How will this affect Reddington moving forward? How can he trust again? Dembe went to the FBI, and Agents Aram Mojtabai and Alina Park’s journeys are taking them away from the task force, season 10 is going to be a different kind of Blacklist.

The Blacklist is rumored to be premiering its 10th season in early 2023 and fans cannot wait, the early the better for them!

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