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Perry Mason Season Two What’s The Hold Up

Perry Mason Season Two  What's The Hold Up

Good news, Perry Mason fans! The series is returning to HBO in February. However, there is so much secrecy over the season, with little to no media coverage. The first season was a success, so the viewers don’t understand why the network remains mute about the new season.

Why Is HBO Keeping Perry Mason A Secret?

If we were to look inside HBO’s mind, we’d find that they already know the series’ premiere date and likely a trailer for the season. However, they are not talking about it. Their priority seems to be His Dark Materials, which premieres next month.

Previous to His Dark Materials, HBO focused on House of Dragon, one of the Games of Thrones prequels.

The next question is what timeslot they will air the show. If it stays on Monday nights, they may wait until His Dark Materials ends to avoid any competition for viewers. However, if they choose to air it on Sundays, they may wait until The Last Of Us airs in January to promote and announce the premiere date.

With Westwood getting canceled after HBO confirmed Season 5, it has the fans of Perry Mason on edge. Thankfully, HBO agreed to pay the cast for Season 5 even though they canceled the show.

What We Know About Season 2

Perry Manson is a historical crime drama starring Matthew Rhys. The show was critically acclaimed and earned four Emmy nominations.

The series is set in the early 1930s as the Great Depression rips through most of the U.S. Mason battles his own demons from his time as a soldier in the war and the trauma of a divorce. He learns to navigate the legal system of Los Angeles, one of the only places in the United States that thrived amid the Great Depression.

In Season 2, Mason will leap from criminal justice law to civic cases to reduce his stress and recover from his haunting memories of World War I and his divorce.

This isn’t the first time Perry Mason has been featured on television. IN 1957, Perry Mason was one of the first one-hour television shows.

The HBO adaption of Perry Mason has been successful, not only because of the talented cast and showrunners but the work of director Tim Van Patten, who recreated what Los Angeles looked like in the 1930s.

Perry Masonon returns to HBO in February. We will update you with additional details when the network reveals the return date. Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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