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Taylor Sheridan’s Inspiration For Yellowstone



Yellowstone season 5 spoilers and updates tease the fan-favorite western is just around the corner from premiering another highly anticipated season on Sunday, November 13th with an episode titled, “One Hundred Years is Nothing.”

Yellowstone Spoilers – Inspiration

Taylor Sheridan has become one of the bigger names behind the camera since his days as Deputy Chief of Police, David Hale on Sons of Anarchy. Sheridan did two seasons on the American action crime drama TV series before he left. Sheridan once reveals that it was actually his time on Sons of Anarchy that inspired him to create Yellowstone. The western genre has not been at the top of American T for a very long time, but that did not fizzle Sheridan’s passion in the least to do it. This is not the first western screenplay Sheridan has written, he also wrote Wind River, starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. While selling screenplays, Sheridan pitched Yellowstone to Paramount and they wanted it. According to Looper, Yellowstone came from Sheridan’s wanting to tell a story about “gentrification in the American west.” Sheridan had this to say, “It is the most American of us, the West, and land developers sell that fantasy. And people who can afford the fantasy are very, very wealthy people from LA to New York, Dallas, and Florida. In the process, those land values and inheritance taxes are killing a way of life.”

Yellowstone Updates – Love Of The Western Land

Sheridan grew up on a ranch, and he lives on a ranch in Texas with his wife. He is no stranger to cowboy life and the wild wild west. He admitted that he never knew he was going to write until he left Sons Of Anarchy and he finally wanted to do something that he wanted to do, write about something he wanted to watch, his own stories. The whole “keep us guessing” episodes on Yellowstone come from Sheridan’s love of Game of Thrones.

In the season, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) swears in as the new state’s governor and quickly cleans house and hires Beth (Kelly Reilly). There is also a new foe to look forward to portrayed by Jacki Weaver from Silver Linings Playbook, and she is ready to destroy Beth. A lot of fans are upset with Jamie right now, but don’t be mad at Wes Bentley, he is amazing. Also, let’s not forget that John treats Jamie as an outcast more than a son, and he has lost his relationship with Beth, who he used to fiercely protect.

Are you looking forward to the fifth season of Yellowstone?

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