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Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Reacts To Being Called Out By Bachelor’s Hannah Godwin

Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Reacts To Being Called Out By Bachelor's Hannah Godwin

Noah Schnapp, playing smart? Not to insinuate things but mannnnn, seems like Noah played Hannah because the trade by barter they had, or rather the promises they made to each other, because while Hannah fulfilled her part of the promise, Noah didn’t, and guess what? Hannah didn’t keep quiet about it.

We all know that when it comes to leaking private conversations that took place in the comfort of the DMs Noah is the champion. If you doubt me let’s revisit what happened the time he leaked the contents on his DM with Doja Cat when she asked him to help her with the contact of fellow his Stranger Things costar Joseph Quinn and before we could say Jack, Noah has already shared the contents of the message. Guess what? Doja Cat called him a Snake for his action. Well, this time it’s “Bachelor’s” Hannah Godwin that leaked her DM with Noah

How Hannah Godwin  Called Noah Schnapp Out

I’m going to be as detailed as possible so as not to leave any info out. Taking to her TikTok to hop onto the trending Nicki Minaj’s 60 seconds spoken words on “Super Freaky Girl” beat, Hannah said “@Noah Schnapp I got a bone to pick with u!!!” with Noah as the caption of her TikTok video before going on to explain what the 17-year-old did to her.

Hannah went on to reveal that the past year, Noah slid into her DM to ask her a favor, the favor was that Hannah makes a 2 minutes video of herself saying “Hi” to Noah’s friend who is so obsessed with Hannah, out of excitement Hannah agreed but has a favor of hers to ask, guess what, she asked the same thing of Noah, this time for her friend Dina, Noah promised to make a video so Hannah accepted to make one too, it was a done deal, had then been physically present they would have shook on it.

“I opened Instagram, and I said ‘Yo, who just slid in my DMs?’ And it is Noah Schnapp. He said, ‘Hey, my best friend is obsessed with you. It’s her birthday, could you make her a birthday video saying hi?’ I said, ‘Oh my gosh, but yes you have to do the same. My best friend Dina is so obsessed with you, will you make a video?'” Ranted Hannah.

Noah Schnapp Didn’t Deliver

So guys, Hannah said that after the exchange of favors from both sides, the next morning she made her video, sent to Noah, he confirmed he liked it, but Noah never held up to his end of the bargain. “So I woke up and I made a video the next morning, then I sent it to him. He said ‘This is perfect.’ I said ‘Awesome,’ and I never got a video back.” From the video it could be seen that Hannah was speaking from a place of hurt, that’s why I asked earlier if Noah was trying to play smart.

Anyways, Hannah thought to make excuses for Noah by saying that Noah is probably busy, “It’s okay. Maybe he was busy. Who knows? But we are still waiting on a video.”

Noah got wind of Hannah’s callout video and quickly responded with “What?? I’m sending it rn who’s it for,” well, I think Hannah’s response to Noah is what can be described as “the time has passed for this but if we still need you, we’ll let you know” because, Hannah told Noah that she would have her “people reach out” contact Noah’s team.

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