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Jefferson White Teases Jimmy’s Story In Yellowstone Season 5

Jefferson White could star in Yellowstone spinoff, 6666
Jefferson White as Jimmy in Yellowstone {Image @_jeffersonwhite/Instagram]


According to the actor himself, Jefferson White’s Jimmy will feature more prominently in season 5 of Yellowstone. He also suggested that his relationship with Emily will be explored. Read on to find out more of what fans can expect when the hit modern Western series returns on November 13.

Yellowstone star Jefferson White teases Jimmy’s story

Yellowstone star Jefferson White stars in NBC's Chicago P.D.
Jefferson White [Image @_jeffersonwhite/Instagram]

Yellowstone actor Jefferson White teasing more of his character, Jimmy Hurdstrom’s ongoing story in season 5. The popular modern western drama first dropped on the Paramount Network in 2018. Since that time, the show has soared to becoming one of the most-watched series on TV. In fact, with season 4 breaking viewership records and awards recognition. Moreover, the latest trailer for season 5 of Yellowstone also hit viewing records as fans long to find out more about what is coming.

The series follows the Dutton family and its patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner), as tensions grow over shared borders on the ranch. The battle between its owners, land developers, and the Broken Rock Indian Reservation is growing, amid shifting alliances.

Besides Jefferson White and Kevin Costner, the series famously features Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, Wes Bently, Luke Grimes, Kelsey Asbille, and Gil Birmingham.

About Jefferson White’s role as Jimmy

Jefferson White could star in Yellowstone spinoff, 6666
Jefferson White [Image @_jeffersonwhite/Instagram]

White plays Jimmy Hurdstrom, a ranch hand with a troubled past that Dutton employed as a favor. For this reason, Jimmy has had to prove himself throughout the series. Meanwhile, in season 4 of Yellowstone, John asked him to show the horse he purchased from the 6666 Ranch in Texas. Jimmy had been sent to Texas before, partly as a punishment, but also to learn about responsibilities.

Moreover, season 5 is expected to be the biggest yet for the Paramount series and is scheduled to premiere on November 13. Meanwhile, fans are keen to see what lies ahead for Jimmy and his fiancé Emily and what roles they will play in the development of the Yellowstone: 6666 spinoff series.

Speaking to TV Line, Jefferson teased what fans can expect from Jimmy’s story in season 5. Moreover, he shared his hope that Jimmy and Emily’s relationship will continue. Meanwhile, Jefferson also said that following the events of season 4, Jimmy finally has “a little bit of agency.”

When asked about the possibility of Jimmy returning to the Dutton ranch, he played mum, not saying for certain that his character would be back. In fact, White said:

He chose Emily, and he chose this new life in Texas. I cross my fingers that it’s smooth sailing for him because it’s a beautiful thing. It’s the first time in his life he has a little bit of agency… There’s certainly more Jimmy in store. Whether it’s Montana or Texas, you’ll have to wait and find out.

What can we expect for Jimmy in Yellowstone season 5?

Jefferson White could star in Yellowstone spinoff, 6666
Jefferson White [Image @_jeffersonwhite/Instagram]

Fans have noted that Jimmy doesn’t feature in the latest trailer for Yellowstone season 5. However, White’s comments do hint that new episodes will feature more of his relationship with Emily. However, it goes, we are likely to see their relationship evolve, especially as Kathryn Kelly has been promoted to a series regular.

No doubt, season 5 will see the culmination of Jimmy’s lessons learned, so it is unlikely that he will revert to his old habits. Meanwhile, there could be a greater focus on the 6666 Ranch in the run-up to the new spinoff.

For now, Yellowstone fans will have to wait for season 5 to premiere on November 13 to find out what happens to Jefferson White’s character Jimmy and Kathryn Kelly’s character, Emily. Happily, the premiere date is now around three weeks away and not long to wait. Alternatively, find out how to catch an earlier look at the premiere at AMC theaters.

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