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American Horror Story Season 11: Hannah Connects Diseased Deer To A Deadly Virus in the 80’s!


American Horror Story Season 11: Hannah Connects Diseased Deer To A Deadly Virus in the 80's!

American Horror Story spoilers tease that the 80’s were a particularly dark time for gay men m New York City. While at least one deadly predator is killing gay man in very brutal ways, the police refuse to take the threats seriously until way too many men are already dead. One of the cops, named Patrick (Russell Tovey) is a closeted gay man, is trying to investigate discreetly on his own. But even as more men disappear, there is another threat that could be even deadlier to the gay population.

American Horror Story – A Doctor Is on the verge of discovering a brand new virus!

Meanwhile a doctor named Hannah (Billie Lourd) has been investigating the deaths of several deer on Fire Island. Hannah warns local authorities that they need to kill off the entire deer population on the island as soon as possible. But similar symptoms have likely already begun Hannah has seen several patients within the last few days whose immune systems are severely damaged. The disease will show up primarily in gay males but can be given to anyone that the infected person has sex with.

AHS Spoilers – Is Hannah’s discovery a motive for murder?

Authorities will soon be forced to take the murder of gay seriously as the body count rises significantly. Hannah’s new disease may actually be the motive for the murders. As viewers know, married men frequent the cruising spots because they know they would be discriminated against if they had chosen to live an honest lifestyle. So they remain in the closet but eventually they cannot deny their sexual needs and cheat on their wives. But as these men contract the disease they also unknowingly pass the deadly illness to their wives.

American Horror Story Spoilers – Instead of taking responsibility for cheating, these men will blame gay males!

As a man watches his wife slowly fade away, it seems likely that the husband will look for someone to blame even as he feels the symptoms himself. And since the disease was likely passed to the husband by one of the men they slept with. But since many times these encounters are anonymous as well as the fact that most of these times they have multiple partners. It would be impossible to blame a specific person someone may be taking their rage out on the entire gay male population in New York City!

What do you think?

Are the diseased deer connected to a new illness mostly among the gay population. Will Hannah be attacked by the killer for trying to save these men? Will a cheating husband pass the disease to his wife, creating a serial killer’s mad motive? A twisted new season of American Horror Story has just begun and every Wednesday evening two more new episodes will air on FX. New episodes of American Horror Story can also ne streamed the following day on Hulu!

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