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Yellowstone Stars To Feature In All-New Taylor Sheridan Series Lioness

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan casts Yellowstone stars in Lioness
Taylor Sheridan [Image Yellowstone/YouTube]

Taylor Sheridan is renowned as the creator of the Paramount drama Yellowstone and its spinoffs, 1883 and 1923. While season 5 is yet to premiere in November this year, Sheridan has been busy casting another likely hit drama series, Lioness. While casting, he cherry-picked a number of members of Yellowstone and its spinoff to star in the new, CIA-related Paramount show.

Yellowstone stars to feature in Taylor Sheridan’s Lioness

As fans know, the Paramount series Yellowstone has been a top hit show for Taylor Sheridan. However, the talented creator isn’t resting on his laurels, as he has started casting an all-new series for Paramount Network. Titled Lioness, the series is based on a real-life CIA program. The story follows Cruz Manuelos, a “rough-around-the-edges” but passionate young Marine. In fact, the marine is recruited to join the CIA’s Lioness Engagement Team to help bring down a terrorist organization from within.

Laysla De Oliveira to star in Lioness
Laysla De Oliveira [Image @laysladeo/Instagram]

From the synopsis alone, Lioness will likely be yet another huge hit for Sheridan. However, the addition of some familiar faces from Yellowstone will round the series off nicely. It was previously reported by Variety that Zoe Saldaña (Joe) and Laysla De Oliveira (Cruz Manuelos) are already cast for Lioness, but now Taylor has called on a number of Yellowstone stars to bolster the already impressive line-up.

Who has been cast for the CIA-related show?

James Jordan, Dave Annabal and LaMonica Garrett
James Jordan, Dave Annabal and LaMonica Garrett [Images @actorjamesjordan @dave_annable & @lamonicagarrett on Instagram]

Fans may remember James Jordan, who played the trigger-happy livestock agent, Steve Hendon. He will star along with LaMonica Garrett, who played Thomas in the hit prequel, 1883. Jordan is to play the role of Two Cups, a CIA Special Activities Division operative.

Meanwhile, Dave Annable, who briefly played Lee Dutton in season 4 of Yellowstone will also feature. The newly hired cast was quick to celebrate their new casting for Lioness on their social media.

LaMonica Garrett is ‘grateful’

Garrett plays Tucker, a CIA Special Activities Division operative. He shared an image relating to his casting and was quick to caption it, writing, “Grateful for a whole Lotta things [sic].” Meanwhile, he also wrote, “Joining this amazing cast, staying in the #taylorsheridan & @paramountplus family, & living out my dreams doing what I love just to name a few.”

Taylor Sheridan casts Lamonica Garrett in new Paramount drama Lioness
LaMonica Garrett cast in Lioness [Image @lamonicagarrett/Instagram][

Dave Annable is ‘excited’

Meanwhile, Dave Annable shared the same Variety headline, writing, “Insert GIF of man running through a brick wall. That’s how excited I am to join this show.” He added that working with Taylor and @paramountplus again is “such a gift.”

Not a bad gig playing the husband of the uber talented @zoesaldana either along with this kick ass cast.

Incredibly grateful and prepared. Time to go to work. #Lioness.

Annable plays Neil, Joe’s husband and the father of their two daughters.

James Jordan and Lioness

Meanwhile, James Jordan, the third Yellowstone star to join the cast of the Taylor Sheridan show shared Instagram Stories revealing the support he has received.

James Jordan joins the cast of Lioness
James Jordan [Image @actorjamesjordan/Instagram]

The new Taylor Sheridan series, Lioness, looks to be an exciting Paramount Network series, with a great cast. Readers, are you excited about the upcoming CIA drama? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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