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Yellowstone Asks Fans To Donate To Yellowstone Country Flood Relief

Paramount series asks fans to help ranches after floods
[Image @yellowstone/Instagram]

Fans of the hugely popular Paramount series Yellowstone now have a chance to become honorary members of the Dutton Ranch. This comes as the series asks its dedicated fans to help out with donations towards preserving the beauty of Yellowstone Country. Read on to find out how you can help.

Yellowstone asks fans to donate to flood-hit area

Recently, the official social media accounts for the Paramount series have posted something other than teasing season 5 spoilers. In fact, the show is asking its dedicated fans to help preserve Yellowstone Country after the the devastating flooding.

Meanwhile, Yellowstone Country has been hit by devastating flooding, making real-life ranch owners struggle to survive. The flooding started in early June and since then, it has been a huge struggle for ranch owners and ranch hands.

Under normal circumstances, being a ranch owner means long days, plenty of hard work and, hopefully, friendly Mother Nature. Since that time, many ranch owners in Yellowstone Country continue to struggle. However, fans who love the Yellowstone series now have the opportunity to help.

One Valley AG Relief Fund

Following the devastating flooding, the One Valley AG Relief Fund has been established for disaster relief. On the fund’s official website, a statement reads:

Disaster relief for flooding on June 2022 for Ag related infrastructure, field recovery, and/or irrigation canal or fixture reconstruction on Ag properties who are excluded from potential FEMA funding in Carbon County, MT.

Cast member Piper Perabo joins the cause

Piper Perabo of Yellowstone supports Yellowstone Country
Piper Perabo in season 4 [Image Yellowstone/YouTube]

Meanwhile, Piper Perabo, who plays Summer on the modern Western show, also shared the tweet. She wanted to use her platform, as well as her role in the series, to encourage fans to help in the cause.

Through its amazing popularity, the Paramount series has created a community of fans and would-be ranch hands. While the series is great, it is now the time for the real-life John Duttons of Yellowstone Country to get some help.

Fans should follow the link to donate as much as they can to help the ranch owners to restore their land. Let’s face it, John Dutton’s problems are business-related and so are those of the real-life ranchers in the area.

When does season 5 premiere?

Meanwhile, it isn’t too long a wait for fans to catch the premiere of season 5 of Yellowstone. Head to Paramount on November 13 to catch the ongoing drama of the Dutton family and those around them.

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