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Why Doesn’t Kevin Costner Want His Wife Or Kids To Watch Yellowstone?

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner doesn't want his family to watch the show
[Image Kevin Costner & Modern West/YouTube]

As season 5 of the Paramount Network show Yellowstone edges closer, its lead actor, Kevin Costner has revealed something interesting. It turns out he wants to keep his real-life family away from the Dutton family in the series. With the modern Western show being such a huge hit, you would think the cast’s families would be watching the show. It turns out this is not the case for all cast members.

Kevin Costner doesn’t want his family to watch Yellowstone

Kevin Costner in season 5 of Yellowstone
Kevin Costner as John Dutton [Image @Yellowstone/instagram]

As fans might know, Kevin Costner, 67, is married to a model-turned-handbag designer, Christine Baumgartner, 48. Meanwhile, after being married for almost 18 years, they also have three kids, Cayden, 15, Hayes, 13, and Grace, 12. Moreover, Kevin also has four older kids from previous relationships, Annie, 38, Lily, 36, Joseph, 34 and Liam, 26.

When asked by Extra if his wife and children follow his role in Yellowstone, he responded to the negative. Costner said, “It’s too naughty for them to see and they probably do figure out how to see it.”

The Dances With Wolves star added:

But it’s got some nasty little bits that are good fun for everybody else.

Kevin Costner and his movies

New reactions to Kevin Costner post about season 5 of Yellowstone
Kevin Costner [Image @kevincostnermodernwest/Instagram]

Despite Costner wanting his family to stay away from Yellowstone, he is looking forward to them watching his other projects.

“Listen, a lot of my movies have some of those themes, so they’re going to find them in the course of their life,” he said, adding, “I hope they find Fandango. I hope they figure out what I’ve been doing with my life. I’m their dad for sure.”

It turns out that in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2020 after the season 3 premiere, Kevin explained that Yellowstone is “pretty racy.” When asked about his family watching the show, he said he has to watch it and make sure what got left in and cut out before they see it.

Family loyalty in Costner’s family

Despite trying to keep his kids away from Yellowstone, it turns out Kevin always has the support of his kids. His daughter Annie once said in a throwback clip, “Well he doesn’t make bad movies.”

Moreover, his daughter Lily once joined Costner and his band Modern West to perform “Heaven’s Gate” from the album Tales from Yellowstone. Meanwhile, the album features songs inspired by the show and was later featured in Yellowstone. In a YouTube video at the time, Kevin said, “Special treat for me when my daughter sings.”

For those longing to see Kevin Costner and the other cast members, remember that season 5 of Yellowstone premieres on Paramount Network on November 13, 2022.

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