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The Amazing Race Spoilers: What It Takes To Win – A Previous Winners Perspective


The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race season 34 premieres on September 21st at 10:00 pm ET with twelve new teams racing around the world. CBS host, Phil Keoghan, returns and for the first time in TAR history, the teams will not be departing from the US.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – Season 34

This year the teams will be departing from Munich, Germany with its 400th episode. Also, new this year, there will be no non-elimination legs with one team being eliminated on every single leg. And, there is a game-changing element that has not been revealed yet, Phil will do that on the first leg.

The teams will be racing to Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Iceland, and Petra, in Jordan, ending up in Nashville at the finish line.

The twelve teams are Aastha & Nina, engaged from California – Abby & Will, childhood sweethearts from Alabama – Aubrey & David, ballroom dancers from California – Derek & Claire, former Big Brother alums and sweethearts – Emily & Molly, long-lost twins – Glenda & Lumumba, newlyweds from Georgia – Luis & Michelle, married from Florida – Linton & Sharik, father and daughter from New York – Marcus & Michael, military brothers – Quinton & Matte, former Ras cheerleaders from California – Tim & Rex, golf buddies from Tennessee.

The Amazing Race Updates – How To Win

Crossing the finish line is not an easy task. Kim and Penn Holderness won the 33rd season of The Amazing Race and shared their secrets to winning it all with USWeekly. Kim and Penn are internet personalities who quickly became fan favorites during their season on TAR. Pen contributes to their winning by taking lots of notes, working together, and studying everything. Kim revealed that before starting the race she really felt like she and her husband had a good chance at winning, “I have to say, I thought we would do well because we were so prepared,” she confessed. “I knew we wouldn’t win the physical challenges necessarily, but we held our own there. But give me anything — give me a puzzle, give me something to solve — and I knew we could do well.”

The two claim that communication was their superpower, they didn’t bicker, and they didn’t fight.

Kim and Penn feel very close to the other teams who raced alongside them and say they are now like their family. They plan on using a large portion of their winnings to put their children through college.

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