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The Amazing Race Spoilers: Ten Surprising Things You Didn’t Know

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race season 34 is less than a month away and TAR fans can’t wait to see the new twelve teams take off from the starting line in Munich, Germany which premieres on Wednesday, September 21st at 10:00 PM ET, then on Wednesday, September 28th at 9:30 PM ET, due to a scheduling conflict.

TAR host Phil Keoghan is back and he will see the teams off at the starting line.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – Things You Didn’t Know

Alison Irwin was the runner-up on Big Brother 4 and although she didn’t win, she made history as being the first houseguest to win multiple HOHs and POVs in a single season. Alison then appeared on The Amazing Race 5 with her then-boyfriend Donny Patrick and their relationship ended the day they were eliminated during the second leg of the race when they made a fatal mistake of taking a slower bus rather than a cab. The relationship was so toxic after the breakup that for the first time in TAR history, Alison refused to appear in the final episode so old footage was taken and spliced so it looked like she was actually there.

Eric and Lisa Paskel had probably the saddest experience with The Amazing Race, they were eliminated before they even had a chance to start racing. The teams had a task to complete before leaving and they failed to do it and were sent packing.

During the race, there is a 12-36 hour rest between legs to give the racers time to relax, rest, eat and shower.

The challenges in the race are tested multiple times before the racers compete them and contingency plans are in place in case of emergency.

TAR assigns security to protect the teams and production because the show becoming so popular.

One year TAR was going to Rio and the paparazzi found out so they switched locations.

Phil has to travel to every pit stop like the teams to greet them at the end of the leg, Phil has said, “Every time we get on a plane it’s like rolling the dice. We’ve been sitting on planes with the weather closing in and a team might be on another plane that got out before the weather closed in. We’re sitting on the ground and teams are racing ahead of us. One time I was literally running up to the mat while they were running from the other direction.”

There are 14 franchises that have been branded out from the American original of The Amazing Race.

Once a team is eliminated, they are sequestered until the race is finished and barred from communication with the outside world.

Does Phil ever want to race? Absolutely not, but if he did, he would race with his dad.

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