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The Amazing Race Spoilers: Stolen Cabs And Bad Drivers


The Amazing Race cabs

The Amazing Race spoilers and updates tease that many TAR fans feel that the racers should be given their own transportation on every leg because bad cab drivers and stolen taxis have often caused teams to lose the race.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – Front Runners Fall Back

In season 21 Amy and Daniel were from runner they got screwed by a bad cab driver. And, there actually seems like at least a half dozen finales where teams fall behind because of a bad driver, making the finale only a two-team race. It would be better if the teams were given their own vehicles, but again, there is also something to take into consideration and that is speeding. The teams are in a hurry and arriving late could cost them a million dollars, so there is a potential for speeding/reckless driving especially when that much money is a factor.

One Redditor had a suggestion though that could alleviate the worry about speeding, “since the racers would be using provided cars and they are filmed everywhere they go, I think a device could be easily installed that would confirm any speeding beyond a certain tolerance and apply a penalty. Just the same way Phil knows about any other penalty.”

That could work and would have definitely changed the outcomes of a lot of the races. In season 32, Olympic Hurdlers Kellie and LaVonne wound up arriving last at the pitstop and getting eliminated because their driver took a wrong turn, they knew they were in trouble, “we are far from where we should be, I feel like we could’ve walked faster than this.”

The Amazing Race Updates – Front Runner To Being Eliminated

Probably one of the worst stories about a bad cab driver is from James and Abba, the rocker and lawyer from season 21. This cab driver wasn’t bad for directions, he did something completely different, he drove away with their bags and Abba’s passport. They were never able to check in at the pitstop because they couldn’t find the driver and get back the passport. They were eliminated in sixth place and were the team that was running away with the whole show!

There are more stories like this, it seems like it is time for TAR to do something about this problem with cabs.

What do you think could solve the problem?

The Amazing Race returns to CBS on Wednesday, September 21st at (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), then on Wednesday, September 28th at (9:30-10:30 PM, ET/PT). Twelve teams will be racing this season and departing, not from the US, but from Munich, Germany.

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