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The Amazing Race Season 34 Spoilers: Phil Keoghan Gives Fans An Inside Look


The Amazing Race

The Emmy Award-winning The Amazing Race is celebrating 400 legs and another Emmy nomination. Host Phil Keoghan returns for the 34th edition when it premieres Wednesday, September 21st in a new time period at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – Phil Weighs in

Phil says that the start of the race is always exciting because they have all these teams with so much potential energy and they have something to celebrate, 400 legs and this is the first time ever that they are starting the race outside of the United States, they have never done that before. They have had hundreds of teams come on The Amazing Race, and for this 400th leg, they have awesome combinations. And, “the hardest part is turning up and being there and being awake and dealing with the rigors of travel. There’s a lot of luck involved in Amazing Race on top of people’s skill and smarts. When we’re not in a pandemic, a good cab ride can be the difference between winning and losing.”

The Amazing Race Spoilers – A Close Look At The Teams

Phil gives us a better look at the 12 teams who will be racing in season 34. Tim & Rex’s story started with Tim’s love for the Buffalo Bills and the fact that Rex failed miserably as the head coach. Claire & Derek met on Big Brother and this is their first time playing with each other to win a game. Glenda & Lumumba who is only 5’ 7” and says he needs a little height because people think she wears the pants, and even though she does, he does a good job of ironing them. Rich & Dom who says she is a fairy who sprinkles everywhere. Emily & Molly were adopted from South Korea in 1985 and were both raised not knowing each other existed until a year ago and a DNA kit brought them together. Marcus & Michael who says he looks up to Marcus who is his hero and he introduced him to The Amazing Race. Nina & Aastha who says this is her dream and Nina is thrilled to be with her and be her chosen partner. Mattie & Quinton who says it has been a long process to get there and “it’s game time baby.”

This is the first time they have had a race without non-elimination legs, there are no more second chances.

Phil’s wise words, “if you like interesting people and you like going to amazing places, you have to watch the show.”

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