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The Amazing Race 34 Spoilers: Premiere Episode – Fan Favorites To Win – Next Team Out


The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race season 34 now has its premiere episode behind them and the first team has been eliminated from the race, Aastha Lal and Nina Duong, they took too much time getting directions and now they’ve lost.

There are eleven teams who are left to continue racing around the world: Abby & Will, Aubrey & David, Derek & Claire, Emily & Molly, Glenda & Lumumba, Linton & Sharik, Luis & Michelle, Marcus & Michael, Quinton & Mattie, Rich & Dom, Tim & Rex.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – All New

This season the race’s starting point was outside the United States for the first time in history, it began in Munich, Germany. Phil also announced before the teams took off on the first leg that there were no non-elimination legs, and there was a game-changing element in the first leg, the three challenges were being “scrambled.” This meant that the teams were the ones who got to choose which challenge they thought was strategically the best to do in whichever order they choose.

The Amazing Race Updates – Fan Favorites & Thoughts

Derek & Claire came in first place on the first Pit Stop this season and BB fans couldn’t be happier. They expect them to continue to do well through the race because they are competition beasts and have a decent sense of direction. One smart thing they did was only bring one backpack.

Tim & Rex weren’t expected to make it far in the game and have now exceeded TAR fans’ expectations. They came in 7th place, very good in the first leg.

TAR fans really do not like Rich and Dom, “Rich and Dom are too much,” and “Oh god I really wish Dom would get it together. She’s getting on my nerves.” Yikes, hopefully, the second leg changes their opinion of them.

The scramble twist was exciting and starting outside the United States was fun, hopefully, they continue both.

The racers were really cheerful but that probably won’t last. Once the heat gets turned up, the fifths and the arguments are going to start.

The first challenges were great, the teams had to navigate to each location. They had to use coordinate and strength with the saw, speed and concentration with the beer keg on the obstacle course. All the teams have a likable quality, can’t wait to see which ones become the villains.

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