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The Amazing Race 34 Spoilers: One Couples’ Boot Camp Gives Them An Advantage


The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race season 34 is finished its first leg which started for the first time, outside the United States, in Munich, Germany, and one team has been eliminated in a race that Phil Keoghan said is a non-elimination race this season.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – Derek Xiao And Claire Rehfuss

Derek and Claire are Big Brother alum, they met when they were competing on the 23rd season and although they didn’t have a showmance inside the house, it didn’t take long for them to realize when they were in the jury house, that there were really strong feelings for each other. The two were on the BB season with the Cookout and unfortunately, not being a part of that alliance, didn’t have a chance to win. Derek was perceived as a big threat in the BB house and got backdoored in the seventh week. Two weeks later, Claire followed.

Following their time on Big Brother and Derek’s on The Challenge, the reality pair decided to continue their reality journey on The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – Boot Camp

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Derek said that Claire’s parents put them through a TAR boot camp before they left for the show, “They taught us how to drive a stick shift. We had a rented car. They would literally blindfold us, put us in the back of their truck, drive us off to a random location, and then give us a map and be like, ‘OK, now you guys need to make your way back home.”

Derek says that he is a studious person and he loves that the game is completely in their hands, no house vote! Claire had a whole game plan, and she also added learning how to speak Arabic. On top of all that, they also did the “one backpack,” strategy. Claire has one of the best memories and attention to detail, that coupled with Derek being better at physical endurance, really helped them arrive at first place at the first Pit Stop.

Claire is a really big Survivor fan and there is hope that the realty couple goes on that show next, making history as the first reality stars to pull a trifecta.

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