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The Amazing Race 34 Spoilers: First Leg Strategy Fails

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race season 34 premiere is now behind us and TAR fans got a good look at the teams, their personalities, and how they endure tough challenges together.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – The Teams

There are twelve teams this season: Aastha & Nina, Abby & Will, Aubrey & David, Derek & Claire, Emily & Molly, Glenda & Lumumba, Linton & Sharik, Luis & Michelle, Marcus & Michael, Quinton & Mattie, Rich & Dom, Tim & Rex.

As soon as the teams got the go, they grabbed their backpacks with information on where they had to go to complete three challenges. The surprise this year, the teams got to choose whichever order they wanted to complete the challenges. The teams were provided with a map, Aastha and Nina asks some random people for directions and thought that was the best thing to do so they didn’t have to stop and ask people along the way. They also think that Phil will be waiting for them in an area that is greener, like a park, they see one on the map near one of the challenges and choose to do that one last and do the furthest one from the green area first. Other teams just jumped in their cars and while one drove, the other navigated and they got right to it.

The Amazing Race – Fail

The challenges actually seemed pretty easy, but they in fact weren’t. The teams had three, one where they had to roll a beer keg, another where they had to break a large block of ice, and the last they had to sew through a log. Other than breaking the block of ice, the other two challenges took concentration and determination. A lot of the teams tried to rush both and that only caused them to take longer at the challenges. The trick to sawing the log was to go slow and steady because the saw was sharp. Going fast only caused the teams to get tired quickly and then get frustrated and only slow down halfway through it. The beer kegs took concentration, teams had to really focus, and keep their eye on the obstacle course. Aastha & Nina had a hard time with the beer keg, and with them just being slower than the other teams caused them to arrive last at the pit stop and be eliminated from the race.

The premiere really showcased that slow and steady wins the race when competing challenges, stay calm, work as a team, and maybe, just maybe, you won’t hear Phil say that you have been eliminated.

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