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The Amazing Race 34 Spoilers: Extended Episode – Will Rex’s Struggle With Words Take Him Out?

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race 34 is back with an all-new season and changes. In the first leg, the engaged couple, Aastha Lal and Nina Duong were eliminated. The couple agreed that they made some mistakes that caused them to arrive last at the pit stop. They spent way too much time asking for directions and mapping out where they were going, and on one of the tasks where they had to roll a beer keg, they took several tries and got penalties of two minutes every time they failed. One of the changes this season is that there are no non-elimination legs, so teams have to race smarter and faster to avoid elimination.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – Famous Faces

This year there are two sets of famous faces. One of them is Rex Ryan, former NFL coach, and his gold buddy, Tim Mann.

TAR fans were really surprised last week when Rex came in seventh place, they didn’t think he would place in front of other teams. The physical challenges last week didn’t take out the former coach, but this week it looks like something completely different might take him out, and that is yodeling. This week the teams are faced with a Roadblock, where only one team member can perform the challenge and Tim decides to do the yodeling, how hard can it be anyway? Tim had to lean and perform three yodels. Tim told Parade, “O thought I was gonna kick some ass in yodeling, I was ready to roll.” He had good intentions, but the challenge involved reading and Tim has dyslexia.

Will the yodeling challenge take Tim and Rex out of the race? We will all have to tune in this week for the 90-minute episode to find out.

The Amazing Race Updates – More Famous Faces

Claire Rehfuss and Derel Xiao, Big Brother alums from season 23 and reality showmance, are also on this season of The Amazing Race. The couple came into the race with a lot of energy, applied a lot of thought to the challenges, and arrived at the Pit Stop first. On Big Brother they were victims of the Cookout alliance, hopefully, there is not another alliance in TAR that takes out this strong team.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with The Amazing Race right now. Come back here often for all The Amazing Race spoilers, news, and updates.

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