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The Amazing Race 34 Spoilers: Aastha & Nina – Why The Failed


The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race season 34 has evicted its first team, an engaged couple, Aastha Lal and Nina Duong.

The Amazing Race Spoilers – Their Journey

When Aastha and Nina heard Phil give them the go, they grabbed their bags and the envelope that contained the three challenges with their locations for the first leg of the race. With no-elimination legs this season, teams knew it was a do-or-die situation, there was no room for mistakes.

The teams were provided a map, and Aastha and Nina decided to ask some random people for directions. They arrived at the Pit Stop three minutes late and they both realize that in hindsight, they probably shouldn’t have spent so much time asking for directions and just rush to get to the first challenge.

The teams were all provided with a car and unfortunately, like other big cities, Munich, Germany also has its fair share of rush hour traffic and this also affected the teams.

The Amazing Race Updates – The Challenges

At first glance, the challenges didn’t seem that hard, but they ended up proving to be quite challenging, especially the one where they had to cut the log and the one where they had to roll a keg of beer through an obstacle course.

After the sawing and the breaking of the ice block, Aastha thought they were in the first place. Little did she know, there weren’t. Then, when they went to do the beer keg roll, it took them five tries, and, little did TAR fans know, every time they didn’t complete the challenge they were given a two-minute penalty. This, threw them way behind, and unfortunately, they couldn’t catch up and even a few minutes makes a difference on The Amazing Race. Aubrey & David arrived at the Pit Stop in eleventh place, beating out Aastha & Nina by a mere three minutes, and were thrilled, Phil actually made them feel like they were in last place and when Aubrey & David saw Aastha & Nina, they were rightly overjoyed.

There are still eleven teams racing: Abby & Will, Aubrey & David, Derek & Claire, Emily & Molly, Glenda & Lumumba, Linton & Sharik, Luis & Michelle, Marcus & Michael, Quinton & Mattie, Rich & Dom, Tim & Rex.

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