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Survivor Season 43 Spoilers: Livin The Dream – Overcoming Adversity



Survivor 43 stranded 18 castaways on the beautiful Fiji islands. There are three tribes, Coco, Vesi, and Baka. This season is shortened due to COVID-19 because all the cast and production had to be vaccinated.

Big Brother Spoilers – Livin

Cody Assenmacher, 35 years old from Honolulu, Hawaii is really enjoying the beauty of the Fiji islands and what it has to offer. He describes himself as optimistic charismatic and fearless. In tonight’s episode, Cody spoke about his hero, Devon Yaddof, his best friend who first lost his leg, then his life, from cancer in high school. Cody says the loss of his friend has lit a fire for life inside of him. The fire has made him different from other castaways. While Cody is diving off cliffs and enjoying the beauty of Fiji, other castaways are sleeping and eating coconuts. Cody thinks his competitive edge and ability to be charismatic and fun-loving will help him form alliances. On Cody’s Instagram page @codyassenmacher, there are plenty of photos of his fun-loving and adventurous side, traveling to Bali, Indonesia – Sydney, Australia – Cairo, Egypt – Isla Mujeres, and now Fiji to add to his list. His Instagram tagline, “Get busy LIVIN or get busy dying,” and he also sports a LIVIN tattoo on his rear.

Big Brother Spoilers – Adversity

Elizabeth “Elie” Scott, the 31-year-old from Salt Lake City, Utah shared that she suffered from ADHD and Dyslexia and after she won the immunity challenge for her tribe by completing a puzzle, she felt empowered. Her persistence in education despite her challenges helped her to become a Clinical Psychologist. She is creative and artsy, and love to rock climb and ski. She believes her social skills and cutthroat strategy will help her be the sole survivor this season. She promises to be sneaky, lay low, and adapt to the game. A person with dyslexia and ADHD has to work harder than other students, yet that effort is not always affected by their grades. It is very impressive that she graduated early with a 3.89 GPA and a 4.0 GPA in all of my Master’s and Doctoral courses.

What do you think? Do you think either Cody or Elie could win this season of Survivor?

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