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Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Trailer: Meredith & Nick Picking Up The Pieces

Meredith and Nick in season 19 of Grey's Anatomy
Meredith and Nick [Image ABC/YouTube]

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 picks up six months following the dramatic events of the season 18 finale. In a new trailer, Nick (Scott Speedman) reveals how much time has gone by, while Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) admits, “It’s been a very difficult six months.” Meanwhile, the five new interns are settling in, while residents have firm warnings for the newbies.

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 trailer

Ellen Pompeo on limited role in Grey's Anatomy in season 19
New residents in Grey’s Anatomy [Image SpoilerTV/YouTube]

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy picks up six months after the dramatic events of the season 18 finale. In a trailer released recently, Meredith and Nick are picking up the pieces from their major fallout in the finale.

Meanwhile, the five new interns are trying to settle in with warnings from residents. For instance, Levi, who lost his first patient in the last season warns the interns, “Don’t kill anyone or drop anything inside a patient.”

Grey's Anatomy season 19 trailer
Levi warns the interns [Image ABC/YouTube]

Fans will recall the original Grey’s Anatomy pilot, which featured Meredith Grey having a one-night stand with Derek (Patrick Dempsey). In a likely nod to the pilot, an earlier trailer revealed that one new resident (Adelaide Kane) also sleeps with an attending, Link (Chris Carmack). Meanwhile, in the latest trailer, Meredith warns Link, “I’m in no position to judge you on this. I do recommend that you stay away from elevators.”

This was a definite reference to a previous elevator scene in the show’s second episode. In that episode, Meredith and Derek pick up from where they left off, and the rest is history.

Bailey is around and other cast news

Miranda Bailey visits Grey Sloan
Miranda Bailey visiting [Image ABC/YouTube]

Meanwhile, Bailey appears in the trailer, just visiting Grey Sloan and wearing street clothes and braided hair. However, so far, there is no sign of Owen and Teddy, who fled the country in the finale of season 18.

As we previously reported, Ellen Pompeo has scaled back her on-screen presence in season 19 to just eight episodes, mostly at the start of season 19. This is due to her involvement in a Hulu limited series. However, she does, reportedly come back for the season finale.

New interns
New interns [Image ABC/YouTube]

Most importantly are the five new interns joining the cast in the rebooted teaching program. These include  Harry Shum Jr., Kane, Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho, and Midori Francis. Moreover, Speedman will enjoy a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy after fulfilling his one-year series regular commitment.

Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey and Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey's Anatomy
Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey and Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery [Image @katewalsh/Instagram]

Meanwhile, it was also recently announced that Kate Walsh will return in season 19 in her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery.

Grey’s Anatomy premiere date

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on Thursday, October 6, at 8/8c on ABC.

Readers can enjoy the latest trailer for the season, included here:


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