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Big Brother Season 24 Worst And Dumbest Moves


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that the season is over the queen, Taylor Hale, has been crowned as the last one standing and winner of BB24.

Big Brother Spoilers – Matthew “Turner” Turner

Turner choosing to vote out Alyssa Snider instead of Taylor was a horrible decision for his game and BB fans really don’t understand why he made such a dumb move. It almost seemed like his voting out Taylor was not even an option. Taking out Terrance Higgins is mind-blowing, the guy couldn’t win a competition if his life depended on it, what was the point? If Taylor would have been evicted, Turner would have gone to the final four with Brittany Hoopes, Alyssa, and Monte Taylor. With that final four, he definitely could have won. He could have gotten rid of Monte after that, a really big move, and went to the final two with either Brittany or Alyssa, where he would most certainly have won the game. It’s crazy that a lot of the houseguests are always worried about “friends” and relationships they form in the house and don’t think about the end game, the $750k that they will be able to use to change their lives. Turner was a bad player, didn’t think ahead, and was way too loyal to other houseguests.

Big Brother Spoilers – Michael Bruner

There is no doubt that Michael was a competition beast but he also made dumb moves. During Brochella, Michael revealed that he didn’t want to make a big move and target Monte because they “could not do that to Taylor.” Why not? Was this a competition or a venue to find new friends? Michael was a bad player, he did nothing with so much power. He took out Jasmine and Terrance, the two people who have less likelihood of being able to win a competition. Nothing to be proud about there. If Monte had been smart, he would have taken Turner to the final two with him. Monte really thought he had the votes against Taylor, he revealed that in interviews. He also believed that his dumping Turner was a huge move and nobody on the jury was impressed with it.

In the end, anyone taking Taylor to the final two was delusional thinking they could win over her resilience to last in the house despite having been bullied and having so many HGs against her.

And then, the worst move this season was Pooch, pooching himself. Let’s not forget that!

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