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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Winner – Floater Paranoia


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Michael Bruner won HOH for week 9 and nobody should be surprised, he is an amazing competition beast and nothing seems to be holding him back.

Big Brother Spoilers – Veto

Michael nominated Alyssa Snider and Terrance Higgins for eviction, with his real target being Terrance. There are a lot of reasons why each HG wanted to win the Veto, but they had no chance against Michael, he steamrolled the competition and won the Veto as well.

Michael is thrilled that he won the Veto, he really didn’t want to change the nominations, the last thing he wanted to do was go against Matthew “Turner” Turner and have to put him on the block when he promised him safety for getting rid of Kyle during his HOH last week.

Terrance threatened Michael that he is going to turn the jury against him if he is voted out. Terrance obviously underestimates Michael who plans on using that threat in his next speech. There is no way that Michael is going to accept being threatened, Alyssa has another week in the house, and there is no way she will be sent to the jury this week.

Meanwhile, Brittney tells Michael that he has three people targeting him, Turner, Monte, and Terrance. Brittney would rather see Monte leave than Terrance, she thinks he Monte leaves Taylor will be more loyal to them.

Big Brother Spoilers – Floater Paranoia

Alyssa Snider got herself hot and heavy in a showmance with Kyle Capener so he would carry her through the game and protect her. The moment she saw Kyle’s game going south, she dumped him like a hot potato and started scrambling to work on her own game.

Alyssa is so paranoid in the house now that when she sees Terrance and Taylor talking and laughing, she thinks it is all about her.

At this point Alyssa is good for one thing only, to take o the final two. Her gameplay was completely useless and there is no way the jury would hand over a million dollars to her.

The HGs were talking about if they would watch the show after the season was over and Alyssa said she would only watch if she needed clarification. Guess she doesn’t want to see her drooling all over Kyle just to advance herself in the game!

Terrance is campaigning hard to get himself taken off the block and replaced with Monte. Will he be successful?

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