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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations And Target – Alyssa Is Scrambling


Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 is coming off Kyle Capener’s eviction and his breakup with Alyssa Snider. Sadly, Alyssa, right on camera told Kyle that he is not someone that she wants to have babies with or spend the rest of her life with. Really harsh considering she knew he was going to be evicted.

Big Brother Spoilers – Target

Michael Bruner won the HOH for week 9 and his target for this week is Terrance Higgins. The nomination ceremony was held, and Alyssa and Terrance are on the block. If either of them gets off with the Veto, he plans on putting Matthew “Turner” Turner on the block and getting rid of him instead. But, that is a tough one because he promised Turner safety over the whole Kyle thing.

Terrance speaks to Michael and tells him that if he stays HOH next time, he won’t put him up. Michael tells Brittany and she doesn’t buy it.

Big Brother Updates – Alyssa

The only reason Alyssa made this far in the game is that Kyle protected her and carried her, and she knows it. She actually told Terrance during a candid conversation that people watching won’t even know she is on the show.

Alyssa then goes to speak to Michael and pitches going to final with him, “I would love to work with you and make you feel comfortable so you don’t feel like you have to win everything. I would love to sit next to you a great player. We did what we could we worked to get here, we played different games.” She then mentions season 16 where Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur were together in the BB house and how Cody took Derrick to the final knowing he would lose but made a promise to him.

Meanwhile, Alyssa keeps trying to pitch a final two with Brittany and get rid of Michael when it comes down to the final three.

If the girls want to do a final two, they should get rid of Monte first then Turner will go after Michael, and Michael after Turner. Monte going home this week is 100% the best move for Alyssa and Brittany.

This coming week is a double eviction, depending on who wins that HOH will definitely pave the road to the final two.

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