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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: The Ice Princess – Betrayal Is A Double Edge Sword


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Taylor Hale has had a very bumpy road in season 24 of BB. When she first entered the house she was targeted by both Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog for no reason. Them Nicole triggered Daniel one day to verbally attack Taylor. Taylor was just trying to console Nicole who said she took it as a “passive-aggressive” attack. BB fans and the houseguests were shocked, Nicole was given the boot, and immediately following, was Daniel. This horrible way these two treated Taylor is where the alliance, The Leftovers, came from.

Big Brother Spoilers – The Road To Final Four

Taylor has made it all the way to the final four and won HOH in week 6 and in week 11 when it really counted. She hasn’t really played a masterful game but overcoming a hopeless situation as she did in the first two weeks, is impressive. She has been brought into strong alliances, won competitions when she had to, and managed the jury very well with her stellar social game. She also played a big part in getting Turner and Monte to target Michael and get him evicted.

Big Brother Spoilers – Finale Two

Taylor has been playing the “ice princess” persona very well this season. She is now in a showmance with Monte Taylor and BB fans don’t put it past her to cut him in the final three. After Monte won the Veto, Taylor was up in his HOH room and kissing him while whispering that they should get rid of Matthew “Turner” Turner and keep Brittany instead. Little does Monte know, that Taylor plans on taking Brittany to the final two because she knows she can win against her. And, Taylor has no problem in using their showmance against Monte. The Ice Princess is hard at work.

Taylor has Indy’s vote, Jasmine’s vote, Joseph’s vote, Michael’s vote, Alyssa’s vote, and Brittany’s vote. She has a good chance of winning.

Monte’s only chance at winning is to dump Taylor and take Turner or Brittany to the final two because he only has Kyle and Terrance’s vote. But he won’t dump Taylor as she’ll dump him. and that would be an excellent final move add to her resume.

Overall it has been a great season despite the bullying, the Kyle controversy, and Paloma Aguilar self evicting. There is a good chance that that $750 check is going to be made out to Taylor Hale.

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