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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Taylor’s Poker Face – Humblebragging

Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Monte Taylor is the HOH this week and with that, he thinks that he is going to win season 24 and take home the $750k.

BB fans are not liking the way Monte treated Taylor Hale this past week. It is one thing for him to get upset about her taking off headphones, he can be upset, but he didn’t need to retaliate by telling Taylor the bullying she experienced was most likely justified. That naturally bothered BB fans. And aside from that, Monte told Matthew “Turner” Turner that he was in a showmance with Taylor just for release, he has no plans of continuing the relationship outside the house.

Big Brother Spoilers – Lots Of Studying

Even though it looked like Monte was going to get rid of Taylor the first chance he got, after getting rid of Brittany Hoopes of course, because he knows she is a jury favorite, it looks like he may want to take her to the final two. In fact, the two have been studying like mad, getting ready for the final competition. Monte4 has been reassuring Taylor this week, almost every day that they are going to be the final 2. Meanwhile, every time Turner talks to Monte about final 2, Monte has been very careful about what he has been saying. But, if Taylor does something to make him upset, he may switch his final 2 plans back to Turner. The only thing that Taylor can do at this point to be in control of her own destiny, is to win the final HOH.

Big Brother Updates – Taylor’s Final 2

If Taylor wins HOH, she should definitely bring Brittany with her, if she is saved this week. But worst-case scenario, Monte does win. Taylor’s journey has outshined him and nothing he can do will ever change that.

Monte is now trying to say that he played an “honest and cleanest” game and “I am very humble and I don’t think, I don’t like, I don’t think I come natural to brag about myself.” He clearly has no self-awareness. He was telling this to Taylor and the look on her face was priceless. She clearly knows he is full of crap.

In a perfect world, Taylor takes Turner to the final, the camera zooms in on Monte’s face, priceless!

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