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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Taylor DESTROYS Her Chance For Final 2


Taylor Hale

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor’s showmance was very short-lived. In fact, Monte told Matthew “Turner” Turner that once he is out of the house, it is hasta la vista baby!

Big Brother Spoilers –The Rise

Taylor was doing very well this season, when it really counted for her to win the HOH, she did. It gave her power in the house. And, in the final week, a showmance with Monte stirred up which just about guaranteed her a spot in the final two. Given Taylor’s history in the house, with Daniel and Nicole treating her so horribly in the first weeks, she truly has become America’s Favorite Player and many fans were hoping she would win. Her social game has been amazing, she has most of the jury convinced that they should give her their vote. In the episode, Taylor was kissing Monte’s face and cuddling with him when she told him that he should evict Turner and not Brittany because Turner could win. But, she was lying, she used her relationship with Monte to have him evict Turner, then she was going to evict Monte and take Brittany with her to the final two because she knew with all certainty that she could beat her in the final.

Big Brother Spoilers – The Fall

Taylor was in the HOH room with Monte and she took off his headphones when he was sleeping. Monte got upset and left the room. There was another incident about Monte’s goddaughter, Taylor made some comments and it just made him further annoyed with her.

Monte then goes to Turner and tells him everything, even about the showmance. Later, Monte confronts Taylor and she apologizes. BB fans think Monte is overacting about the whole thing, “Monte gives us some real old school “Women should be seen, not heard” energy. He goes so far as to say “if these cameras weren’t here” he would have acted differently is a major red flag. Not sure to the extent Monte actually respects women as equals, especially Taylor. This headphone gate thing is literally nothing but to Monte, it’s like she might as well have spit in his face,” and “I think the issue most people have is not that Monte was upset about the headphones, it’s the fact that he spent the next 90 minutes after expressing being upset about that and Taylor apologizing for it, that he basically told her that she deserved the way she had been treated by Daniel, Nicole and Paloma because she is cold and doing it in the context of “caring” while she was literally in a vulnerable position of being in the bathtub, and ignoring any point she made, versus just expressing his thoughts on the headphones and goddaughter comments and leaving after she apologized. Also, he has clearly felt that way for a while, and the fact that he slept with her anyways is also gross.”

Taylor knows she can be sarcastic while not intentionally coming off that way. Sadly, if Monte has the chance at this point, he is going to get rid of her. If she has the power, hopefully, she continues her plan to get rid of Monte because his reaction is very overexaggerated and he was much ruder to her than she was to him.

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