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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Season Finale Drama And Highlights

Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 finale is finally here and there is a lot of speculation on what happened with the final three. There are three parts to the final HOH. Matthew “Turner” Turner won the first part, Monte Taylor won the second part and Monte also won the third part.

Big Brother Spoilers – The Three Parts Of The Final HOH

The first competition was grueling, for her part, Taylor Hale really tried to hang on but was thrown off at one point. This competition took a lot of strength and Monte was a clear choice for the winner, but Turner won.

In the second part, BB billboards, both Taylor and Monte studied all week and it paid off for both. There were just a little over 35 seconds between their finishes, but Monte took the win.

Big Brother Spoilers – Final Blindside

Turner was thrilled that Monte won, he was confident that Monte would take him to the final two. One thing Turner didn’t take into account, is that Monte slept with Taylor in the HOH room and if he let her go at this point, it would destroy his reputation, even though he did tell Turner earlier in the week, he only slept with Taylor for release, he had no intention of being with her when the show ended.

Monte ended up evicting Turner and taking Taylor to the final two, he convinced himself that the jury would respect him for this big move.

Monte’s final plea to the jury was good, but Taylor’s was historic, ground-breaking, and heartfelt. She sat on the block an amazing six times, she was falsely accused, bullied, bandaged herself up, and continued to fight. She is not a victim, she is a victor. She challenged the jurors to vote for resiliency, and they did.

Taylor not only historically won the 24th season of Big Brother, but she also won America’s favorite player. And, this is the first time in Big Brother history that a black woman has won BB and a winner has won both the HOH and AFP. What an accomplishment. Taylor walks away with $750k, 50k, and a cruise for two with Princess Cruises.

Monte lost this game the moment he slept with Taylor, that was his big mistake. If he had not, he could have evicted her, taken Turner to the final two, and beat him.

Taylor recovered from the difficulty that was the first weeks of season 24 because of Nicole Layog and Daniel Durston.

The finale was fantastic but, there was one big disappointment – Nicole and Daniel didn’t have any problem with treating Taylor horribly when the cameras rolled, they should have been accountable for their actions tonight, on live TV. At least Taylor gets the last laugh on those two. Taylor truly is a queen!

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