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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Part 1 & 2 HOH Winners – Chaos Ensues


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease Big Brother is nearing the end of season 24 with three houseguests left to fight for their chance to win the 750k prize. Brittany Hoopes was the last houseguest to be evicted which left Matthew “Turner” Turner, Taylor Hale, and Monte Taylor.

Big Brother Spoilers – Final HOH Part 1 And Part 2

The first part of the final HOH was shockingly won by Turner. On to the second part and Monte won. This means that Taylor has lost all her power to decide who to bring to the final two and her chances to get there, her fate is now going to be in Turner or Monte’s hands.

Big Brother Updates – Chaos

If Monte wins this HOH he has a big decision ahead of him. If he brings Turner with him, he will most likely win. But, if he doesn’t bring Taylor it is going to ruin his public image. There is no way the public will look past Monte evicting Taylor when he has been sleeping with her for the last two weeks. He might just have to accept defeat and take the second prize. And, if Monte lets Taylor make history as the first black female to win in Big Brother history, that alone will make him come out of this looking like a hero, instead of the latter if he takes Turner.

Yet, Taylor made mentioned to Monte that she and Monte could do something after the finale and he tried to deflect the conversation. This really makes BB fans think that he is actually planning to take Turner if he wins. And, they think Monte has just been having fun with Taylor and has no romantic feelings or intentions of any kind towards her.

There is another scenario, what if Monte does win the final competition and takes Taylor to the final 2 would that look bad for Taylor to the jury and possibly cause her to lose votes?

The craziest scenario would be if Turner wins part 3 of the HOH and he takes Taylor with him, the look on Monte’s face would be priceless and remembered well through the years to come. And frankly, for how Monte has treated Taylor, he deserves just that to happen.

There are so many scenarios, this is a chaotic time, and anything can happen when that final HOH is won.

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