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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Monte Made A BIG Mistake

Monte Taylor

Big Brother season 24 is all said and done, the right houseguest won the season, former Miss Michigan, Taylor Hale, and what a season it was.

Big Brother Spoilers – The BIG Mistake

Monte Taylor was doing ok in the game, he had his alliances and when it was crunch time, he won the competitions that counted the most. He made a final two deal with Matthew “Turner” Turner from early on and would have been able to keep that alliance, and probably have beat Turner, who really didn’t contribute much, strategic-wise, throughout the season.

In the last week or so, Monte hooked up with Taylor in the HOH room and told Turner that he did it for “release” and had no plans of having a relationship with her outside of the house. Behind Turner’s back, Monte made promises to Taylor, he wooed her and promised to take her to the final two.

Monte said he had a big decision to make when he won the final HOH and had to take either Turner or Taylor to the final two. He tried to convince the jury that he was evicting Turner because it was a big move and he felt they would respect him for that.

But, Monte was thinking of Turner and a big move, he knew that if he hooked up with Taylor and made promises to her, then evicted her, it would spoil the jury’s opinion of him and tarnish his reputation. Pretty much, Monte chooses to sleep with Taylor over winning $750k.

Big Brother Spoilers – Resilience Wins

Taylor deserved to win this season. Not only was she bullied by Nicole Layog and Daniel Durston, but Monte saying he slept with her only for release is horrible. Taylor was still the queen last night, standing tall and proud despite what those three, and others, did to her inside the house this season. The fact that Taylor also took America’s Favorite Player was the cherry on top, Daniel, Nicole, and Monte got what they deserved, seeing her be the REAL queen. The only downside is it would have been great if Turner had won the $75k in second place.

And one question, why the heck were Daniel and Nicole invited back in the finale after what they did to Taylor? That was just in poor taste, they didn’t deserve another second on TV.

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