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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Michael’s Game Is Threatened – Dirty Game Plan


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Michael Bruner is dominating the house with his many HOH and Veto wins. And, one houseguest is not a fan of his gameplay and plans to destroy his game, if he can.

Big Brother Spoilers – Threat

Michael sits down with Terrance Higgins and tells him that he heard from a few different people that his getting picked for the Veto and winning it kind of took away a potential plan from last week to backdoor him. Terrace doesn’t even deny that there was a plan or that he was a part of it. Terrance tells Michael that he is going to draw him a picture and let him paint the canvas. At this point, he could play the game from another standpoint to make sure that the right people win it and he is going to start his game with the jury. He says principal-wise and game-wise, he just lost a lot of respect for how the game is being played. He doesn’t like the way that Michael and Brittany manipulated the situation with Kyle, it doesn’t add up in his mind. Then, Michael puts him on the block and if he goes to the jury, the whole jury is going to find out about Michael’s little dirty game plan, so maybe he can send someone else instead of him. He tells Michael that those are the conversations he is going to have with the jury, so he just wants to be clear. Michael says he doesn’t take any decision in this game lightly. In the DR, Michael says that if Terrance thinks he can threaten him to get what he wants, he is sadly mistaken.

Big Brother Spoilers –Dirty Game Plan

The “Dirty Game Plan” Terrance is talking about is when Michael and Brittany Hoopes revealed to the house the “all-white alliance” that they believed Kyle Capener was trying to form. And, instead of telling the house when they heard it, they saved the information and Michael revealed it when he felt his game was threatened – according to Terrance.

Michael keeps dominating the game, he won his seventh Veto which breaks the record for most Vetos won in a single summer. The only option he has at this point is to keep winning. Terrance calls Michael a runaway freight train, but he is not giving up and he has a few tricks up his sleeve. The only thing that could save Terrance at this point is if the house turns against Alyssa Snider and votes her out. But, given that Terrance threatened Michael, the likelihood of Terrance going to the jury, is almost certain now.

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