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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Michael Bruner On Big Brother All-Stars?


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Michael Bruner, the attorney from Rochester, Minnesota was evicted during a blindside on day 65. Many BB fans thought that Michael was going to actually win the whole game, but that idea crumbled when Michael didn’t win the last and most important Veto that he competed in. Michael was a strong competitor, he broke history for the six Veto wins he had and some BB fans thought that as a superfan, it was more important to Michael to break a BB record than it was to actually win the game.

Big Brother Spoilers – All Stars

A lot of BB fans really like Michael and they hope that he will be invited back to play in an All-Stars version of the reality show. But if he does return, he will have to position himself as not being a threat so he has a chance of making it to the final two. BB fans weigh in on what Michael should do if he is invited back, “I think his best strategy is to pregame, tell those people he’ll win comps for them, that they can make big moves, and that he’ll be a meat shield or weapon for them so they keep him around while he guns for everything,” and “best case is he makes good enough relationships to last into the jury phase while he comps out and wins the season, or at worst he loses but shatters more comp records and is immortalized,” and “do what he did in season 15, plays a small social game, to begin with. All Michael did was keep his paths open,” and “his strategy of being a quiet mouse worked until Jury, but he should have been much more strategic in winning and making social moves to ensure his victory. Michael is still a BB legend, nonetheless.”

Big Brother Updates – Michael’s Attack On Brittany Hoopes

As dramatic as Michael’s wins were, a total of 9 which included 6 Veto and 3 HOH, his final speech directed at Brittany was more dramatic. Michael was really close to Brittany and he adores her. But, he was on the block and he felt that he had to do anything he could to remain in the house and not get evicted. He doesn’t regret it.

Michael told Entertainment Weekly, “I do think that my threat level got too big, which was, in part, due to my competition wins. I think that’s definitely fair to say. That’s part of the reason I’m sitting here. I would rather be taken out of the game for being too big of a threat though, so ultimately I felt like the position I was in, I had to keep winning.”

Do you hope to see an All-Star BB season with Michael Bruner?

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