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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Is Alyssa The New Dr. Will?


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that despite being known as the best BB player in history, Dr. Will never won a competition. This was part of his strategy, unlike Michael Bruner who was known as a competition beast and ended up being evicted for that reason.

Big Brother Spoilers – Alyssa Snider

Dr. Will was hated, loved, cherished, despised, adored, and detested – kind of like Alyssa. This week Monte Taylor is the HOH and he nominated Alyssa and Brittany Hoopes, with Brittany being the target. But, the Veto competition was held and Brittany won, which foiled Monte and Matthew “Turner” Turner’s plans. Brittany obviously took herself off the block with the Veto and was replaced with Taylor Hale.

Monte has not been very kind to Taylor behind her back and he knows very well that if he goes to the final two with her, she is winning. Getting rid of Taylor this week would be a pretty amazing blindside and Alyssa once again would be saved.

Big Brother Spoilers – Shot In The Foot

It wasn’t just Kyle that was infatuated with Alyssa. According to Monte, Turner is also smitten with her. But, Alyssa may have shot herself in the foot when she told Turner that if he voted her out they would no longer be friends and he would not have her jury vote. Alyssa is desperate to stay in the house, she also told Turner that Taylor and Monte have a final two, and she caught Taylor on top of Monte in the HOH room. The whole Monte and Taylor thing is fine to share with Turner, but Alyssa should never have threatened Turner and should apologize if she wants to make it through another eviction night.

At this point it looks like Turner is in fact going to vote to evict Alyssa and Brittany for Taylor, then Monte is going to get blood on his hands when he has to decide who to send to the jury.

If Alyssa does manage to make it this week and not get to the jury, it will be a miracle and she might just pull a Dr. Will and make it to the jury without winning a competition. Is this part of her strategy? Or does she just suck at competitions?

If Alyssa does make it this week, she will most like to go the final two, hopefully, with Brittany, it would be nice to see the two of them go all the way. If they take Taylor, they have no chance of winning.

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