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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: “Hating On You Was Justified”


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor are in a showmance and that has turned things upside down for her in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother Spoilers – Monte Storms Out

Monte and Taylor are in bed, in her HOH room, and she pulls the headphones off his head and jokingly said, “don’t be sleeping in my bed with my music on during my HOH.” Monte didn’t like what she did, he felt disrespected, and walked out.

Monte went to Turner and told him about what happened. He proceeded to tell him that he hooked up with Taylor just for release, she is not “the one” and he won’t have a relationship with her outside the house. He moved his stuff out of the HOH room and pouted most of the day afterward. Taylor had no idea that this was going on until around 2 am when she and Monte spoke and he basically implied that she is cold and deserved the bullying that she received in the first few weeks. Wow, what a low blow. Nobody deserves to be bullied.

Big Brother Updates – Monte Stoops Low

Taylor is in the bathtub and both she and Monte have another conversation. He basically says that her attitude toward him is why the girls were hating on her in the beginning, it was probably justified.

Monte retells everything to Turner and his reaction is that he is really quiet. No kidding, how cruel can Monte be?

Taylor spends a lot of time in her room after this and cries that she is misunderstood and doesn’t understand why when Ameerah and the other women tell jokes similar to the ones Taylor does, she is the one that gets all the heat.

Taylor really doesn’t like to hurt people and she looks mortified that Monte took offense to what she said and did. BB fans think that Monte is just trying to have a big confrontation with Taylor so he can justify evicting her and getting the jury on his side because he knows that if Taylor went to the final two, she would win. That is really low and hopefully, the jury doesn’t fall for it.

BB fans are really wondering if Monte’s behavior and words towards Taylor will be shown on the show. It all depends on which way the show is leaning. BB fans are convinced that Taylor is America’s Favorite Player, hopefully, she overcomes what Monte did to her, and channels that negativity into winning her way to the final.

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