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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Chasing BB History – Evicting A Loose Cannon

Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Michael Bruner was eliminated from the Big Brother house, but before he left, he accomplished something that no other houseguest has done before.

Big Brother Spoilers – Chasing BB History

Michael Bruner has surpassed everyone for most POVs won in a single season, having won a total of nine. That is amazing for anyone coming on to the show, but for a super fan like Michael, this is an amazing achievement and claim to fame. Sadly for Michael, when it came down to the most important Veto of the season, the night of the double eviction, he didn’t win the Veto competition and in a shocking move, Turner and Monte stabbed him in the back, and backdoored him, sending him to the jury house. If Michael had won that Veto, they would never have had another chance to get rid of him. So, from a game standpoint, probably was the best move for the house. Michael was not only chasing a win but he was also chasing BB history, and that, he accomplished.

Michael has now beat out Janelle for most POVs won in a single season. Overall, Paul Abrahamian is the all-time Veto winner for a total of nine between two seasons.

Big Brother Updates – Evicting A Loose Cannon

Terrance Higgins thinks he is the greatest social player in the house because he has talked his way into surviving eviction many times. BB fans really thought his speech tonight was going to be him throwing jabs at Taylor Hale, but he didn’t do that.

Terrance was a loose cannon when it came to Michael’s game and now, the only pleasure in seeing Michael evicted is that Terrance’s plan of turning the jury bitter against him is now completely useless.

In hindsight, Michel probably wasted his last HOH on targeting Terrance. He probably should have listened to Brittney Hoopes and targeted Monte or Taylor.

Michael’s exit speech brought out his attorney skills, he knew he was 99% going to be evicted, and based on that 1% chance that he could stay in the house, he threw Brittney under the bus. His eviction was bearable, only because Terrance was not there to gloat.

What’s next? Turner should be the next one to go. He has the most competition wins of those left in the house, he has taken out power players and he got rid of the competition beast. The girls better wake up and see what is about to happen.

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