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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: A Second Showmance Rules The House – Brittany Not Fooled

Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that since Michael Bruner got evicted, Matthew “Turner” Turner and Monte Taylor have been running the house.

Monte won the HOH and he nominated both Alyssa Snider and Brittany Hoopes for eviction. The true target was Brittany until she turned the house upside down when she won the HOH. No surprise that Brittany used the Veto to take herself off the block. Taylor Hale tried to convince Monte to make a big move and put Turner on the block, but he wouldn’t do it. Instead, he nominated Taylor to be a replacement nominee when Brittany took herself off the block. Meanwhile, Brittany is working hard to keep Alyssa in the house and she may just have found what she was looking for.

Big Brother Spoilers – Another Showmance

Brittany has been suspecting that Monte and Taylor have been getting close, but she never imagined the truth of what is going on between them. On September 13, Monte and Taylor woke up in the same bed and were kissing. Thankfully, for Monte and Taylor’s games, nobody knew about it at this point. The next day, the two fell asleep together again in the HOH room. Brittany is suspicious and if she uses this information, tells Turner how close they are and the two will most likely get rid of him, she might get him on her side if Alyssa gets voted out, she will need Turner. Alyssa is most likely going to be evicted because she told Turner that if he blindsides her, they won’t be friends anymore and he didn’t like that she threatened him.

Big Brother Updates – Britt The Comp Beast

Many BB fans think that Brittany is going to be an endgame comp beast because she has studied the game so much harder than anyone else. Monte and Turner have barely studied at all, and if Monte acts as he did with the Veto this week, he had a time limit to get to the Veto competition and refused to give up his morning routine, which caused him to be eliminated to compete in the competition. Another dumb move like that and he will find himself sitting on the jury sooner rather than later.

No matter what Brittany does this week, Taylor is stupid if she keeps Turner over her. Taking Brittany to the final, Taylor has an excellent chance of winning.

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  1. […] Big Brother 24 Spoilers: A Second Showmance Rules The House – Brittany Not Fooled […]

  2. […] Taylor was doing very well this season, when it really counted for her to win the HOH, she did. It gave her power in the house. And, in the final week, a showmance with Monte stirred up which just about guaranteed her a spot in the final two. Given Taylor’s history in the house, with Daniel and Nicole treating her so horribly in the first weeks, she truly has become America’s Favorite Player and many fans were hoping she would win. Her social game has been amazing, she has most of the jury convinced that they should give her their vote. In the episode, Taylor was kissing Monte’s face and cuddling with him when she told him that he should evict Turner and not Brittany because Turner could win. But, she was lying, she used her relationship with Monte to have him evict Turner, then she was going to evict Monte and take Brittany with her to the final two because she knew with all certainty that she could beat her in the final. […]

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