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Ally McBeal Sequel In The Works With Possible Return of Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart might return in a reboot of Ally McBeal
Calista Flockhard [Image Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

Ally McBeal was a hit series in the 1990s, starring Calista Flockhart in the leading role. Fast-forward to now, ABC studios are planning a reboot of the popular show. Rumors are that Flockhart could return to her original role in the series. Read on to find out what we know so far.

Ally McBeal to get a reboot

Back in the 1990s, Ally McBeal had a huge following and is coming back to our screens as ABC Studios plan a reboot of the popular legal show. While the sequel won’t be written and created by producer and scriptwriter David E. Kelley, he has given it his blessing. Meanwhile, the new show is to be written and produced by Karin Gist who is known for Grey’s Anatomy, Mike and Mixed.

The new version of the dramedy series will feature a young black woman joining a law firm after completing law school. It is believed that the young woman will be the daughter of Ally McBeal’s (Flockhart) roommate, District Attorney Renee Raddick. In the original series, the role of Raddick was played by Lisa Nicole Carson.

Will Calista Flockhart return?

According to Deadline, Flockhart has been approached to reprise her role as Ally McBeal in some capacity. It has also been suggested that she executive produce the reboot. However, a decision on her potential involvement will probably only be made once a script has been written.

Ally McBeal producer and scriptwriter David E. Kelley has given the new series his blessing. Reportedly, sometime in 2018, Kelley had suggested that if the show was rebooted, it should be done by a woman.  He told the Hollywood Reporter:

I’d be open to the idea of Ally McBeal being done again, but I don’t think it should be done by me. If it were going to be done, it really should be done by a woman. If it’s going to be new it should be new and different.

Meanwhile, Karin Gist, who was involved in Grey’s Anatomy, Mike and Mixed will be the producer and screenwriter of the reboot.

About Ally McBeal

The original series Ally McBeal ran for five seasons, ending in 2002. The show revolved around a fictional Boston law firm called Cage and Fish, where McBeal worked. The characters in the legal show were quirky, likable and funny, including Ally’s former lover and his wife. When the series’ run came to an end, the scriptwriters tied up all the loose ends and kept fans happy.

Readers, who among you is a fan of Ally McBeal? Would you love to see a reboot of the popular dramedy series? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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