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Outlander Star Sam Heughan Lines Up Major Exciting New Role

Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander
Sam Heughan [Image @samheughan/Instagram]

Outlander fans know Sam Heughan well in his role as Jamie Fraser in the Starz drama. However, Sam has recently landed a new, exciting role, just in case fan rumors that the show is ending come true. What kind of role will Heughan take over to continue his career in television? Read on to find out more.

Outlander star San Heughan snags major new role

Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander
Sam Heughan [Image @samheughan/Instagram]

For six seasons, Sam Heughan has risen to fame in the Starz hit series, Outlander. In the show he plays the Scottish highlander, Jamie Fraser to perfection. Meanwhile, the show is heading for its seventh season, which is currently in filming.

However, fan rumors have recently speculated about the end of the drama series. Should this be true, it seems Sam has already lined up a great, new role for when the series ends. Rumors had also done the rounds that he would star as the next James Bond. However, due to age restrictions, that isn’t happening. Instead, he has snagged a major new role in the Sony Playstation production, Days Gone.

About the Sony Playstation production Days Gone

Heughan’s new series is to be the onscreen adaptation of the popular 2019 adventure game, with an apocalyptic spin. In recent years, apocalyptic dramas have taken over the big and little screens. While we don’t actually want the world to end, somehow it is fascinating to watch it happen in fiction.

According to Deadline, Sam is heading for the role of Deacon St John in the new series. Meanwhile, the series will take place in the Pacific Northwest following a devastating global pandemic. After the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the series sounds totally scary, so it will probably do very well.

Apparently, the game tells the story of former motorcycle club member, Deacon St John as he fights to survive. Meanwhile, he will need to battle against mutated, predatory humans and the forces of despair in his quest to find his long-lost, presumed-dead, love.

Reportedly, the story is an ode to showrunner Sheldon Turner’s love for motorcycles. Deadline describes the bike as being Deacon’s sole form of transportation, his “horse in this would-be modern-day Western.”

Cast of Days Gone

Sam Heughan to star in an apocalyptic drama, Days Gone
Sam Heughan to star in an apocalyptic drama [Image @samheughan/Instagram]

So far, Heughan’s co-stars are yet to be revealed. However, Sam’s fans will finally get to see him onscreen on a motorcycle. Fans were thrilled when the Outlander actor posted a photo of himself on a motorcycle on Instagram.

In May this year, Sam took part in the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride in Edinburgh to raise money for men’s mental health and cancer charities. At that time, Heughan was the top fundraiser in Scotland’s capital as he raised £25,000 ($25,920), totally overtaking his original goal of £1,000 ($1,180).

Readers, are you excited at the thought of the popular Outlander star featuring in a new, apocalyptic series? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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