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Netflix: Dark Creators To Release New Mystery Horror Series 1899

Netflix series 1899
Netflix series 1899 [Image Netflix/YouTube]

Netflix viewers appreciated the hit German horror/time travel series Dark and will now be treated to another show by the same creators. Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are hoping for the same success from 1899. Read on to find out more about the new drama, and horror/thriller series.

1899 by Dark creators on Netflix

The new Netflix series 1899 is expected to premiere in September 2022. However, it will only land on Netflix in November this year. As can be gleaned from the title, the new Netflix series is a period drama, known to have thriller and horror elements. So far, the series in still in production and has a large cast, along with a teaser trailer that aired at the streamer’s Geeked Week.

Netflix 1899 creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese
Showrunners Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese [Image Netflix/YouTube]

Creators Friese and Odar have some hints at the overall direction of the new series and it will be different from their previous work on Dark. However, Dark fans can expect something weird, wild and crazy. At Geeked Week, they explained the following:

We don’t repeat ourselves, we really hate that, but it’s going to be a fun puzzle for the audience. We are going back to our mystery roots.  All the passengers on the ship are traveling with secrets that they don’t want to get out. It’s built like a puzzle again. Knowing that we did Dark, everyone can be assured that this is going to be something weird and wild and crazy.

Plot of the new series

According to the recent press release, the new, original series revolves around a migrant steamship, Kerberos. In the story, the ship is leaving the old continent and heading west from London to New York.

Scene from Netflix series 1899
Netflix 1899 [Image Netflix/YouTube]

Meanwhile, the passengers are a mixed bag of European origins, united by their hopes and dreams for the new century and their future abroad. However, they come across another migrant ship adrift on the open sea. This leads their journey to take an unexpected turn from their passage to the promised land into a horrifying nightmare. Moreover, a web of secrets seems to tie the past of each passenger together.

Truly European show with a mixed cast

Friese and Odar said in a joint statement:

What really made us connect to this idea was the concept of having a truly European show with a mixed cast from different countries. At its heart is the question of what unites us and what divides us. And how fear can be a trigger for the latter.

Meanwhile, the creators revealed that the series will be multilingual with each character speaking their native tongue. Odar and Friese explained that they take the language aspect very seriously. In fact, they want to represent every cultural and linguistic aspect as truly as possible.

Readers can enjoy the eerie teaser trailer here:

Cast of Netflix series 1899

Back in December 2020, Deadline revealed that Emily Beecham will play the role of Maura Franklin in 1899. Previously, she has been seen in Little Joe, The Pursuit of Love and Cruella. Meanwhile, Dark alum Andreas Pietschmann has also joined the cast. Fans will remember that he played the older version of Jonas in Dark. In the new series, he plays Eyk Larsen.

Meanwhile, as per IMDb the following are also on the cast of the new horror/thriller series. Alexandre Willaume (The Wheel of TimeO, Aneurin Bernard (Dunkirk), Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (The Rain) and Miguel Bernadeau (Elite). Moreover, Mathilde Ollivier (Overlord), Richard Hope (Piece of Cake), Clara Rosager (Morbius) and Jonas Bloquet (Elle).

When will the series release?

Readers can enjoy a behind-the-scenes video relating to 1899 here explaining some of the new technology involved in its making:

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that 1899 will arrive on Netflix at some time in November 2022.

Readers, did you watch and enjoy Dark? Are you now excited about the showrunners’ latest series? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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