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Kevin McKidd Backs Ellen Pompeo In Cutting Back Grey’s Anatomy Role

Kevin McKidd supports Ellen Pompeo is cutting back on her role in season 19 of Grey's Anatomy
Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy [Image @therealkmckidd/Instagram]

Recently news broke of Ellen Pompeo’s new role in a Hulu limited series which has led to her cutting back on her Grey’s Anatomy role. In fact, she will only star in her role of Dr. Meredith Grey in eight episodes out of the 20 to air in season 19. However, one of her co-stars Kevin McKidd, who has played Dr. Owen Hunt on the ABC medical drama since 2008, is standing up for Pompeo.

Kevin McKidd supports Ellen Pompeo’s decision to step back in season 19

Kevin McKidd, 49, is one of the longstanding cast members of Grey’s Anatomy, having starred the show since 2008. Meanwhile, Ellen Pompeo has starred since the medical drama first aired on March 27, 2005. However, in a recent interview with E! News Daily Pop, Kevin addressed Ellen’s decision to cut back on her appearance in season 19. He said:

Ellen has been the captain of this ship all these years, and she’s about to start producing, so she needed to make room in her schedule for that.

Moreover, McKidd stressed that her limited presence on the show, rather than totally leaving, “shows her love” for Grey’s Anatomy. Kevin said:

The fact that she’s not leaving the show and is just gonna [sic] scale it back a bit – what I think is beautiful about it is that it shows her love for the show still.

About Ellen Pompeo’s new project

Grey;s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo [Image @greysabc/Instagram]

As recently reported, Pompeo, 52, is starring and executive producing a new Hulu limited series. Meanwhile, the series follows the true story of a couple who accuse their Ukrainian adopted daughter of being an adult. In fact, the adoptive parents believed that the adoptee was secretly conning them.

However, it isn’t only Ellen’s role that is changing following season 18. Fans will remember that the season finale saw a cliffhanger for Owen as he, his wife Teddy (Kim Raver) and the kids left the country on a plane.

What will happen to Dr. Hunt in season 19?

Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd and his family
Kevin McKidd with wife Arielle and children Aiden and Nava [Image @therealkmckidd/Instagram]

Kevin, who is himself a family man, was coy about his future on the ABC medical drama when asked if he would return in the new season. McKidd shares two children with his ex-wife, Jane Park, and two more with his current wife, Arielle Goldrath. He merely teased, saying:

It’s a little too early to say. All I can say is we have these new amazing interns, who are this kind of new blood in the show.

As also recently reported, five new actors join the series 19 cast as first-year surgical residents at Grey Sloan Memorial. Speaking to People, McKidd said the new cast members will see a “sort of reignition of the show.” Kevin said:

We have this amazing group of new interns, brilliant, young, vibrant actors who are really passionate.

So it’s making room for that. It’s almost like we’re going back to the beginning, if that makes sense.

Grey;s Anatomy star James Pickens Jr. shares image of new surgical residents
James PIckens Jr. introduces new surgical residents Niko Terho, Adelaide Kane, Midori Francis, James Pickens Jr., Harry Shum Jr. and Alexis Floyd [Image @therealjamespickens/Instagram]

However, the Grey’s Anatomy star stressed that they aren’t really “rebooting,” but he compared it to the pilot episode where Sandra Oh and T R Knight first walked into the hospital. McKidd stressed that they are “kind of doing that again,” adding that it is very exciting to feel they are all a part of that.

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy will premiere on October 6, at 9 pm ET on ABC.

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